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Bug report provided by CyBeRdrgn

1) Confirmed the BLH doesn't ever complete. I suppose something is wrong with the timer code in DC.

2) Confirmed that Dragons placed in the BLH do not show up in the graphic.

Partial Solution

I managed to get the Big Light Habitat working, but I had to spend some gems. What you do is:

1) Start building a new Habitat. (If you can afford the space, leave the defective building for SP to fix.)

2) Wait until there is less than 1 hour left to the timer (number of hours rounded up = number of gems you have to spend)

3) Speed-up the building. (This is an action that bypasses the timer and activates your building.)


The Habitat will work, but I think the image is on the wrong layer, because it doesn't show any of the Dragons placed in it.

It does show the gold bars for collection, and works fine otherwise.

Problems with this Solution

This is not an ideal solution, by any means. However, if you need the Big Light Habitat, for the moment this is the only one I can offer.

The problems with this solution are:

  • We have to address the issue ourselves -- which does not give SP an incentive to fix problems.
  • We have to spend gems bought with cash or earned the hard way -- for every Big Light Habitat -- which gives SP another incentive to ignore this and future bugs.
  • We end up with a Big Light Habitat which is not working as it should.

Report Status with SP

I have also submitted a message to SP regarding the problem. So far they have not responded to me, either. I suggest we need everyone who has the problem to submit a report -- they seem to be very reactive, and probably don't react to any report if only a few users complain. :\

Typical of all companies around the world these days, I guess.

How to Create a Support Ticket[]

  1. Below your open Dragon City instance, select your language and click GO.
  2. A new tab will open. Scroll all the way to the bottom.
  3. Where it says "Did this answer your question?" click NO.
  4. Fill in the information-- add a picture if you have one.
  5. Check your email for a confirmation that the ticket has been received.