Leech Fang (Chaos)

Leech Fang Chaos Animation.gif


Base Power


Leech Fang (Chaos) is an exclusive move for Sinful Vampire Dragon and Blood God Vampire Dragon. Leech Fang (Chaos) move power is 2,000.

Skill Effect[edit | edit source]

"Steals life points from the opponent."

This move is to steal health points from your opponent. similar to Root Sap; However, Leech Fang is more effective. The Health Points your Vampire gains is depends on the damage from your opponent.

Because of Chaos Leech Fang is Chaos element attack, It may have a risk of being stolen life by the Copycats including Greedy Vampire Dragon, Iced Sea Dragon and Frostling Dragon. This can also be happen when some vampire member dragons uses Pure Leech Fang or Legend Leech Fang.

Chaos Leech Fang is also neutral. That means no critical hit, weak hit nor no damage.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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