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The Kindergarten is a Special building that acts like a universal habitat. You can have up to 5 Kindergartens.

Any level and any element dragon can live in a Kindergarten. While in a Kindergarten they look like baby dragons, but they retain all their attributes. They can be fed, produce gold, used for combat, and used for breeding.

Besides being decorative, this building is also very useful for storing dragons when you don't have the required habitat, allowing you to make more space/habitats.

Dragons can be placed here directly from the the Hatchery or from a habitat.


Kindergarten unlocks at Level 13. It gives 30,000 Xp template and takes 4 hours to be built.

Dragon capacity: 5

Gold capacity: 60,000 Gold Bar Icon

Building costs:
1st Kindergarten: 100 Gem template
2nd Kindergarten: 200 Gem template
3rd Kindergarten: 500 Gem template
4th Kindergarten: ? Gem template
5th Kindergarten: ? Gem template


"Dragon Kindergarten" is the happiest place on the islands for little baby dragons. Here they will never grow old, but stay young and playful forever!"


  • Kindergarten translates "Children's Garden" from the German Language.
  • Jardín de Infancia (Spanish for Kindergarten)
  • Jardim de infância (Portuguese for Kindergarten)
  • Crèche (French for Kindergarten)
  • Asilo (Italian for Kindergarten)
  • 幼儿园 (Chinese for Kindergarten)
  • Igralište (Serbian  for Kindergarten)
  • Vrtić (Croatian for Kindergarten)
  • Tadika (Malay for Kindergarten)


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