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Event Information[]

  • Start: Tues, 15 July 2014
  • Duration: 6 days 13 hrs
  • Expire: Tues, 22 July 2014
  • Platforms: PC

The Dojo Challenge[]

The Dojo Challenge is the event of the Japanese Island. It contains 4 mini quests to obtain the Dojo habitat and the Japanese Dragons.

4 quests are: The Dojo quest, The Soke quest, The Oni quest and The Shogun quest. Quests are unlocked in sequence, at the completion of the previous quest.


Item Name Tooltip
Gold Bar Icon GOLD With enough gold, remove the bricks of the first row.
Food FOOD With enough food remove the 1st row of bricks.
SHURIKEN SHURIKEN Collect Shurikens winning Combat World battles.
RICE BOWL RICE BOWL Collect 1 Rice Bowl every minute of breeding.
DRAGON MEDAL DRAGON MEDAL Get Dragon Medals defeating the Dojo opponents.
GEISHA FAN GEISHA FAN Get Geisha Fans every 12 hours.

The Dojo Quest[]


  • Gold Bar Icon Gold x 4 slates (amount depends on game level)
  • SHURIKEN Shuriken 5 x 3
  • DRAGON MEDAL Dragon Medal 3 x 4

2. The Soke Quest[]


  • Food Food x 3 slates (amount depends on game level)
  • DRAGON MEDAL Dragon Medal 4 x 4
  • RICE BOWL Rice Bowl 1,200 x 4

3. The Oni Quest[]


  • Food Food x 4 slates (amount depends on game level)
  • SHURIKEN Shuriken 7 x 4
  • GEISHA FAN Geisha Fan 2 x 4

4. The Shogun Quest[]


  • Food Food x 4 slates (amount depends on game level)
  • RICE BOWL Rice Bowl 2,000 x 3
  • DRAGON MEDAL Dragon Medal 6 x 3

Battle Map[]

Special thanks to Josephseeley & DragonCityGuide.net for this list.[1]

# Dragon Critical Avoid
1 NatureMetal Jade FlameIce SeaLightTerraIce

3 SeaNature Nenufar NatureElectric FlameWarSeaLight
4 FlameNature Spicy TerraSea NatureIceSeaLight
5 TerraSea Waterfall MetalWar ElectricFlameFlameWar
6 NatureElectric Gummy FlameIce SeaLightSeaMetal
7 FlameTerra Chinese TerraSea NatureIceElectricFlame
8 MetalNature Ninja ElectricDark TerraIceSeaLight
9 TerraMetal Armadillo MetalWar ElectricFlameTerraIce
10 TerraFlame Granite MetalWar ElectricFlameNatureIce
11 TerraSeaDark Poo MetalWar ElectricFlameFlameWarMetalLight
12 FlameTerraDark Meteor TerraSea NatureIceElectricFlameMetalLight
13 FlameLight Chimera TerraSea NatureIceElectricDark
14 WarFlame Juggernaut SeaIce TerraDarkNatureIce
15 FlameDark Burning TerraSea NatureIceMetalLight
16 TerraFlame Deus Pet MetalWar ElectricFlameNatureIce
17 FlameIce Ice&Fire TerraSea NatureIceNatureWar
18 ElectricFlame Aurora TerraLight SeaMetalNatureIce


  • The island's fights can be played once in two hours.  But it said that 'Start for 0(gems)' instead of 'Start for 2(gems)'! Speeding it up will also not affect your gem count, allowing you to get as many Dragon Medals as you like without losing anything.
  • First island based on a country.