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Impaling Shelter
File:Impaling Shelter (Wind) Animation.gif
Element Wind
Base Power 0
Training time 8 hours

Impaling Shelter is an exclusive move to The Spiked family.

Skill Effect[]

Protects the user from an attack while damaging the opponent.

Impaling Shelter's effect is that it places a spiky shield in front of the user, blocking the opponent's next attack and reflects 90% of the opponent's damage. The shield only lasts for the entire duration of the turn.

Once used, you have to wait three turns before next use.


  • This move can be copied by moves that mimic the opponent's last attack (Snow Mirror, Frozen Mirror and Megalomania).
  • The reflected damage does not deal damage with a specific element, meaning it can't deal double damage based on the enemy's defending element (making it somewhat similar to Divine Intervention's and Machete Mayhem's Damage Spill).
  • It can be countered by another dragon with Impaling Shelter and dragons that have a Titan Shield (Titans and Corrupted Clan).


  • The Spiked Dragons can relearn this skill move if it had been previously overwritten with another move through training.