The Hatchery is a key structure in the Dragon City breeding process. All dragons start as eggs whether obtained by buying, breeding, receiving rewards, or receiving gifts. To hatch into a baby dragon every egg has a fixed amount of time it must spend in the Hatchery. At the end of that time the new dragon may be sold or placed into a Habitat, a Kindergarten, or the Dragonarium.

The Hatchery is so important that it is the first thing you see during the initial tutorial. It can be moved, but it can't be sold or put in storage.

The Hatchery can be upgraded up to level 5 (can hatch up to 5 eggs at once). The upgrades are bought with gems. Upgrading the Hatchery will not affect any on-going hatching.


Hatchery Xmas Cost Reward XP Capacity
Hatchery n1 Xmas Hatchery N/A N/A N/A 1 Firebird Dragon 0
Hatchery 2 Xmas Hatchery 2 15 Gem template 100 Gold Bar Icon 10 Xp template 2 Firebird Dragon 0
Hatchery 3 Xmas Hatchery 3 30 Gem template 100 Gold Bar Icon 10 Xp template 3 Firebird Dragon 0
Hatchery 4 Xmas Hatchery 4 60 Gem template 100 Gold Bar Icon 10 Xp template 4 Firebird Dragon 0
Hatchery 5
N/A 120 Gem template 100 Gold Bar Icon 1 Xp template 5 Firebird Dragon 0


  • If you have a level 3 or 4 hatchery it is a smart idea to combine it with the Ultra Breeding Tree and the Breeding Mountain. This could help players who want more rare dragons like the Soccer Dragon for example. Take 2 pairs that could possibly get a Soccer Dragon and you will have a higher chance of getting it.
  • It's appearance was changed during 2014 Xmas.
  • As part of the tutorial the first dragon grown and raised for each player is the Terra dragon.


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