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You can now Summon a dragon using 99 Joker Orbs of the same rarity as your chosen dragon! You must own the remaining Orbs of that dragon to do so.

Summoning Happy Hour pop up message

In Summoning Happy Hour event allows player summon a dragon using 99 Joker Orbs of the same rarity, while normally it is required 80 orbs of (most of) specific dragon in order to use 20 Joker Orbs.

Summoning Happy Hour event may also offers some Joker Orbs in Triple Offer.


Because Summoning Happy Hour allows only 99 Joker Orbs to fill. Unlike most of dragons (that required 100 orbs to summon), Some dragons are not able to summon even owning a single orb due to higher orb requirement.

Dragon type Summoning Requirement
Without Joker Orbs With Joker Orbs
Normal DayAble to use up to 20 Joker Orbs Summoning Happy HourAble to use up to 99 Joker Orbs
Common, Rare, Very rare, Epic, regular Legendary and legendary Titans 100 80 Orbs of a dragon 1 Orbs of a dragon
Regular Mythicals 150 130 Orbs of a dragon 51 Orbs of a dragon
Most of VIP Legendary and Mythical Dragons incl. mythical Titans, Vampires, Corrupted , Ascendeds, Karmas, Redemptions, Arcanas, Plasmas, Quantums, Berserks 200 180 Orbs of a dragon 101 Orbs of a dragon
High Nest Dragon and newer heroic dragons 200 180 Orbs of a dragon 101 Orbs of a dragon
All Heroic VIP Dragons 500 480 Orbs of a dragon 401 Orbs of a dragon


  • Before Summoning Happy Hour was fixed, It used to be able to use 100 Joker Orbs of the same rarity instead of 99 according to a pop up message.