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Alt Display

Elem Build Time XP Sell Gold Bar Icon Max Dragons Max Gold Bar Icon Size Friend Assist
Dungeon Habitat Dungeon Habitat This habitat is the home of the Cerberus and Demon dragons. They feel incredible cossy at this cursed place. Dark Element Alt Display Demon Element Habitat Dark 1 day 250,000 125,000 3 50,000 Dungeon Base 1

Warning: The Habitat counts against your total habitat limit and can not be stored! I.e., once you get it, you keep it permanently, but your maximum number of other habitats is limited to 37! (There is no downside in gaining the Island, though the only thing that can be built upon it is a Dungeon Habitat) The Dungeon Habitat can be obtained through The Dungeon event.

Bug Warning[]

This habitat starts as a floating island between the Ivory and Lava islands.  It can be moved and placed on any island, but once there, it becomes stuck. It can be moved to other places, but not returned to its original position.  For more information, see The Dungeon/Docking.

Storing the Habitat[]

There is only one known way to place this habitat in storage.  If you have the maximum number of habitats at the time you acquire the habitat, it will go to storage.  THIS CAN ONLY HAPPEN AT THE END OF STAGE 2!


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