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Gravity Hole+
File:Gravity Hole+ Animation.gif
Element Legend
Base Power 2200
Training time 24 hours

Gravity Hole+ is an is an improved version of the original Gravity Hole move with 2,200 base power points. It is an exclusive special skill move for High Quantum Wormhole Dragon with Black Hole Skill Skin. Gravity Hole+ is less powerful than No Survivors. This attack base power is 2,200.

Skill effect[]

Deals damage to all opponents

Similar to No Survivors, Gravity Hole+ move is a Cluster Attack move (attack all opponent skill); Similar to the No Survivors move, it always guarantees to hit every enemy dragon.

Once used, you have to wait 4 turns before next use.


  • "Gravity Hole+" move does distribute and divide damage to multiple dragons unless attack on single dragon:
    • If you perform this move on 3 dragons. each opponent dragon is received one-third of full damage.
    • If you perform it on 2 dragons. each opponent dragon is received half of full damage.
    • It is possible to perform this skill on 6v6, Missing Dragon Rescue. It will attack entire 6 opponent dragons.
  • Due to its effect. Gravity Hole+ allows to destroy multiple Titans' and Corrupted Dragons' shields.
    • Gravity Hole+ will also sometimes cause the Karma dragon to dodge the attack, activating the "Karma Revenge" that can double the multiplier of the damage.
  • This move can be copied by the Imitator (Dragon who can copy the last opponent's move are Frostling Dragon, Iced Sea Dragon and Greedy Vampire Dragon).