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Sister of Stone

Dragon Data

Elements Ancient ElementMagic ElementElement Sea
Summoning Crystals Raw Ruby x5Clean Ruby x2

Requirements for level 2

Raw Ruby x1Clean Ruby x1Raw Sapphire x2Clean Sapphire x1
Requirements for level 3 Clean Ruby x1Pure Ruby x1Clean Sapphire x1Pure Sapphire x1Clean Topaz x1
Requirements for level 4 Fine Ruby x1Pure Sapphire x1Fine Sapphire x1Clean Topaz x1Pure Topaz x1
Requirements for level 5 Fine Ruby x1Pure Sapphire x1Fine Sapphire x1Pure Topaz x1Pure Emerald x1

level 1

19 per hour
level 2 30 per hour
level 3 42 per hour
level 4 55 per hour
level 5 70 per hour


Gorgoneia Dragon 1 Gorgoneia Dragon 2 Gorgoneia Dragon 3
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Gorgoneia Dragon 4 Gorgoneia Dragon 5
Stage 4
Stage 5


Gorgoneia is so vain that she can't stop staring at the mirror and asking everyone: "How do I look today?". You'd better answer nicely! If you don't say she's beautiful she'll literally petrify you.


  • The second dragon in the Ancient Portal is Gorgoneia, Sister of Stone.


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