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Glowppy summoning

Master of Fireworks

Dragon Data

Elements Ancient ElementElement HappyElement Flame
Summoning Crystals Neat Ruby x2Pure Sapphire x4Fine Sapphire x2Pure Emerald x7Pure Onyx x2

Requirements for level 2

Bright Ruby x1Neat Sapphire x1Neat Topaz x1Fine Emerald x1Fine Onyx x1
Requirements for level 3 Neat Ruby x1Neat Sapphire x1Neat Topaz x1Neat Emerald x1Bright Sapphire x1
Requirements for level 4 Bright Ruby x1Bright Sapphire x1Neat Topaz x1Neat Emerald x1Fine Onyx x1
Requirements for level 5 Bright Ruby x1Bright Topaz x1Bright Emerald x1Neat Onyx x1Pure Diamond x1

level 1

19 per hour
level 2 30 per hour
level 3 42 per hour
level 4 55 per hour
level 5 69 per hour


Glowppy Dragon (Ancient World) 1 Glowppy Dragon (Ancient World) 2 Glowppy Dragon (Ancient World) 3
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Glowppy Dragon 4 Glowppy Dragon 5
Stage 4
Stage 5


On a joyful summer night, fireworks lit up the sky. A spark reached a baby dragon and set his wings on fire. That fire never went out! Glowppy brings good feelings to everyone around him.


  • The eleventh dragon in the Ancient Portal is Glowppy, Master of Fireworks.
  • If Glowppy is used in Ancient Breeding in his second evolution, his eyes turn into hearts.


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