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Fall from Grace Maze Island

This event has expired on 20 November 2023 09:59:59 +0000.

Maze island


  • Start: 09 November 2023
  • Duration: 11 Days
  • End: 20 November 2023


The following dragons are obtainable in the Fall from Grace Maze Island event. Note that due to A/B Testing some players will get a mix of different dragons, let an admin know if a dragon in your event is not in the list:

Otoroshi Dragon 3 Biomass Dragon 3 Mindrake Dragon 3
Otoroshi Dragon Biomass Dragon Mindrake Dragon
Clown Dragon 3 Tempura Dragon 3 Mountain Ogre Dragon 3
Clown Dragon Tempura Dragon Mountain Ogre Dragon
One Horned Dragon 3 Dragem Dragon 3 Skullface Dragon 3
One Horned Dragon Dragem Dragon Skullface Dragon
Monstrous Dragon 3 Camouflaged Dragon 3 Brave Dragon 3
Monstrous Dragon Camouflaged Dragon Brave Dragon
Wish Dragon 3 Evanescent Fae Dragon 3 Glaive Dragon 3
Wish Dragon Evanescent Fae Dragon Glaive Dragon
Sand Vixen Dragon 3 Ultimate Strength Dragon 3 Hydroelectric Dragon 3
Sand Vixen Dragon Ultimate Strength Dragon Hydroelectric Dragon
Pixel Dragon 3 Strange Dragon 3 Outcry Dragon 3
Pixel Dragon Strange Dragon Outcry Dragon
Ocean Lord Dragon 3
Ocean Lord Dragon