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Uncovered Hollywood Island

This event has expired on 19 Oct 2015 12:00:00 +0000.

Spartan Dragon 3 Spartan Dragon #0452 Energy Dragon Energy Dragon 3
Evil Dragon
Elements Category
Element Legend Element Dark 8
Can be placed in these habitats
Element LegendElement Dark & Divine, Rainbow, Kindergarden or Dragonarium
Breedable Breeding Time
No N/A
Hatching Time Hatch XP
23h 200000 XP
Available In Shop
Price Sell
6000Gems 1200000Gold Bar Icon
Income (Lv. 1) Master Points (Lv. 1)
32Gold Bar Icon/min 22


Born wicked, the Evil Dragon certainly lives up to his name. This dark dragon is known for harassing other dragons, causing them to live in fear. He couldn’t be good even if he tried.


By Leveling Up[]

Base Power
1 Hammer Fist Physical 900
1 Legendary Wind Legend 550
8 The Grim Reaper Dark 1200
15 Paralyzing Spell Legend 650

By Training[]

Base Power
Karate Brick Break Physical Training Center 1013
Black Hole+ Dark Training Center 1950
Black Hole Dark Training Center 1350
Legend Spell Legend Training Center 2300

Automated Names[]

See Automated Names.


Evil Dragon was originally name "Dark Lord Dragon". Which is based on Dark Lord from Lord of the Rings including The Third Eye.

Later, His Third Eye above the dragon's head has been removed, renamed him as "Evil Dragon" and his description was also changed; However, his Third Eye can still be seen on "Superior" Collection picture in Dragon Book.

Old Description[]

“The Abhorred” and “The Deceiver” are just two of the epithets used to name this feared dragon. He doesn’t need to see from behind his mask, for the eye on the top of his head can see everything.


Evil Dragon (Current)[]

Dark Lord Dragon (Old)[]

Media Images[]


  • It was released on 9/10/2015 in the Uncovered Hollywood Island.
  • The Dark Lord is a character from the famous Hollywood movie Lord of the Rings.
  • It can be obtained by completing the Superior collection in the Dragon Book.
  • He and other dragons had a minor design and had been renamed. He is now known as the "Evil dragon" and The Third Eye above the dragon's head has been removed; However, his Third Eye can still be seen on "Superior" Collection picture in Dragon Book.