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Events are time-limited opportunities to earn in-game rewards through completing tasks. Most commonly formatted as islands, there are many different types of events with varying difficulties, currencies and rewards.

There are 7 different types of events, which are as follows:
Heroic RaceHeroic Race
Maze CoinsMaze
Grid CoinGrid
Tower islandTower
Fog islandFog
Puzzle islandPuzzle
Runner islandRunner

Grid Islands[]

Heroic Races[]

Fog Islands[]

Puzzle Islands[]

Tower Islands[]

Maze Islands[]

Runner Islands[]

Progressive Islands[]


  • There hasn't been a Progressive Island event since July 2020.
  • As of May 23, 2024, all events (Except possibly races) lasts 3 days & don't have new Dragons in the Events. Instead, there's old Dragons (Typically Dragons that players don't own yet)