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Ephixia Animation
Element Wind
Base Power 1400
Training time 12 hours

Ephixia is an exclusive move for Sinful Vampire Dragon. This attack power is 1,400.

Skill effect[]

"Deal low to medium damage but gives an extra turn."

Although Ephixia is 400 less power than Wave, Ephixia always guarantees to give an extra turn. Once used, you have to wait 4 turns before next use.

Because of its attribute, It is allowed to destroy a Titan's or Corrupted's shield and proceed to finish a Titan Dragon off with your other dragon without losing a turn.


  • In Missing Dragon Rescue battle; However, Ephixia along with 2 RNG based extra turn special moves (Foam and Wave). If user has successfully gains an extra turn. It won't be given to user by itself. Instead It gives next ally dragon an extra turn as in sequence.
    • If the next allied dragon has already KO'ed. An extra turn is simply skips a KO'ed Dragon to next alive dragon.
  • Ephixia does not skip other special move's cool down.
    • The casting sequence is reversed. Ephixia gains an extra turn before attack instead of Attacks an opponent before gains extra turn as Foam and Wave.