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Elements is one of the main game elements in Dragon City. It has an impact on many main features of the game like Breeding and Combat.


There are currently 20 unique elements in Dragon City:

Icon Element Name
Element Terra.png Terra
Element Flame.png Flame
Element Sea.png Sea
Element Nature.png Nature
Element Electric.png Electric
Element Ice.png Ice
Element Metal.png Metal
Element Dark.png Dark
Element Light.png Light
Element War.png War
Element Pure.png Pure
Element Legend.png Legend
Element Primal.png Primal
Element Wind.png Wind
Element Time.png Time
Element Beauty.png Beauty
Element Magic.png Magic
Element Chaos.png Chaos
Element Happy.png Happy
Element Dream.png Dream
Element Soul.png Soul

Attacking Element

Every dragon is capable of performing 4 attacks. Every attack is associated with a single element. Depending on the defending element (first element of the dragon) of the opponent dragon, the attack will deal critical damage (double damage), weak damage (half damage), or have no effect (zero damage) towards the defending dragon. All other unmentioned element interactions will deal normal damage.

Defending Elements

A dragon can contain 1 or more elements. Its first element is its defending element, which dictates its weaknesses, resistance and immunity towards other attacking elements. All other elements are considered recessive and merely plays the role of expanding the elemental variation of its moveset in combat (in most cases).

Element Chart

Attacking Elements.png

Ancient World Elements

Ancient World Elements also have their own streght and weakness.

Attacking Ancient World Elements.png

Opposite Elements

These opposite element pairs are not directly breedable. In combat, these elements interact in different ways.

  • Exhibits weak attack and defense towards its opposite element (Terra, Ice, War)
  • Exhibits strong attack and defense towards its opposite element (Metal, Flame, Sea)
  • Exhibits strong attack, but weak defense towards its opposite element (Dark, Light)
  • Exhibits no special attack or defense effect towards its opposite element (Nature, Electric)
Element Terra Flame Sea Nature Electric Ice Metal Dark Light War Pure Legend Primal Wind


Metal Ice War Electric Nature Flame Terra Light Dark Sea N/A N/A N/A N/A

Archangel and Light

Light sword.png

The reason why the Archangel Dragon is not named the Light Dragon is as follows:

As part of the Dungeon Island 2014 event, a new dragon, the Archangel Dragon, with a new element unknown at that time, was available for the player to use when defeated by the Cerberus Dragon and the Demon Dragon. The new element was strong against the Dungeon element — synonymous to the Dark element — which was the defending element of these two dragons.
Before the Light and War update, the Archangel Dragon was the only dragon with that element. Outside of this event, the Archangel Dragon could not be owned or bred, and very little was known about it until before the element effectiveness combat mechanic was revised.

It was revealed on 26 Jul 2013 that the unknown element is called Light. See Light and War update.


Removed Elements

Before the Light and War update, Pure Hybrid Dragons each possessed a unique Pure element of the same name, instead of the current state where each Hybrid has Pure as their defending element and another element as their secondary element. For example, the Pure Terra Dragon had the Pure Terra element. Each of these Pure elements also had their own habitats.
No dragon besides these hybrids had these following elements, prior to their removal.


Round PureTerra.png


Round PureFlame.png


Round PureSea.png


Round PureNature.png


Round PureElectric.png


Round PureIce.png


Round PureMetal.png


Round PureDark.png


Themed Dragons

The first Themed Dragons collection were the Egyptian Dragons, offered in The Curse of Dramses. It was a hit and the rest was history.

# Theme Collection Quest
1 Egyptian Egyptian Habitat, Mummy Dragon, Sphynx Dragon, Pharaoh Dragon The Curse of Dramses
2 Demon Dungeon Base & Habitat, Cerberus Dragon, Demon Dragon The Dungeon
3 Olympus Olympus Habitat, Poseidon Dragon, Hades Dragon, Atlas Dragon Olympus Island
4 Viking Viking Habitat, Thor Dragon, Loki Dragon, Odin Dragon Viking Island
5 Aztec Aztec Habitat, Aztec Warrior Dragon, Aztec Priest Dragon, Aztec Emperor Dragon Aztec Island

Pre Arena Update Element Effectiveness System

Before the element effectiveness mechanic was revised, The old element effectiveness was complicated and had no indication of elemental moves effective. Player had to guessed and memorized both attacking and defending element.

Attacking Element

Physical Terra Flame Sea Nature Electric Ice Metal Dark Light War Pure Legend


N/A NatureDark SeaIce FlameElectricWar DarkLight FlameMetal NatureWar TerraIce MetalLight ElectricDark TerraSea N/A Legend


Legend TerraMetal TerraFlame Sea SeaNature ElectricDark IceLight FlameMetal IceDark NatureLight ElectricWar Pure N/A


N/A Sea Metal Nature War Terra Dark Electric N/A Flame Ice N/A N/A

Defending Elements

Terra Flame Sea Nature Electric Ice Metal Dark Light War Pure Legend


MetalWar SeaElectric FlameWar TerraIce SeaLight FlameMetal ElectricDark TerraNatureLight NatureDark SeaIce N/A Legend


TerraFlame FlameMetal SeaNature NatureLight ElectricWar IceDark TerraMetal ElectricDark IceLight War Pure Physical


Electric Light Terra Sea Metal War Flame Ice N/A Nature N/A N/A

There are some elements were unbalance in Old Element Effectiveness System:

  • Sea as Offensive Element could critical attack on Flame, Electric and War Element, which is strong offensive element.
  • Dark as Defending Element could received double damage from Terra, Nature and Dark, which is weak defending element.
  • Pure Element used to dealt weak damage against itself. If dragons has Pure Defending Element, It would be unfair to battle. (Which is similar to how the Ancient World Elements as Defending Element)
  • Legend Element, in contrast, dealt critical damage against itself. (This function is now supplanted by Wind Element)
  • When High Tidal Dragon was released before he element effectiveness mechanic was revised, He was able to critical attack on 9 element (While Revised Element Effective System can critical attack on 8 Elements), Which was probably the most powerful Heroic Dragon in the game.

Pre Dragon City’s 10th Birthday Update Element Effectiveness System

Before the element effectiveness mechanic was revised, .....

Attacking Elements Pre 10th Birthday.png

Some dragons have an ancient element as a defending element, including Beauty, Magic, Chaos, Happy, Dream and Soul, Thus they won't be received critical damage from opponent; however, they are always received normal damage from every elemental attack.

Since the introduction of Karma Dragons (First entity is Courageous Karma Dragon), There's a chance that Karma Dragon will deal critical attack to every element (even Ancient Element) after absorbed an attack.



  • Some elements were renamed on 14 Dec 2012:
    • Earth to Terra
      • Terra means "Earth" in several languages.
    • Fire to Flame
    • Water to Sea
    • Plant to Nature
  • Both Ice and Dark were originally bonus elements. Ice seems to be a hold end Element with a purpose to be a modifier when, for example, new elements get added.[citation needed]
  • An upcoming element, Time was announced on Dragon City's 10th Birthday Forum.