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Elements is the main feature in Dragon City. It has an impact on most main features of the game like Breeding and Combat. As of March 2020, there are currently 21 different elements.

Elements & Alternates

There are currently 21 elements:

  • Terra
  • Flame
  • Sea
  • Nature
  • Electric
  • Ice
  • Metal
  • Wind
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Magic
  • Beauty
  • Chaos
  • War
  • Happy
  • Dream
  • Pure
  • Soul
  • Primal
  • Legendary
+ Pure = Legend
Round Pure + Round Pure = Round Legend
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Removed element

Before light and war update,instead of having pure for primary and another element for secondary all pure hybrid dragons had one of these element as primary element and had no secondary element. Each pure dragon had element with same name, for example Pure Terra Dragon had the Pure Terra element. 2 or more than 2 dragons never had same one of the following elements.


Round PureTerra


Round PureFlame


Round PureSea


Round PureNature


Round PureElectric


Round PureIce


Round PureMetal


Round PureDark


Themed Dragons

The first Themed Dragons collection were the Egyptian Dragons, offered in The Curse of Dramses. It was a hit and the rest was history.

# Theme Collection Quest
1 Egyptian Egyptian Habitat, Mummy Dragon, Sphynx Dragon, Pharaoh Dragon The Curse of Dramses
2 Demon Dungeon Base & Habitat, Cerberus Dragon, Demon Dragon The Dungeon
3 Olympus Olympus Habitat, Poseidon Dragon, Hades Dragon, Atlas Dragon Olympus Island
4 Viking Viking Habitat, Thor Dragon, Loki Dragon, Odin Dragon Viking Island
5 Aztec Aztec Habitat, Aztec Warrior Dragon, Aztec Priest Dragon, Aztec Emperor Dragon Aztec Island

Defending by Element

A dragon can contain 1 or more elements. The first element is marked as its primary element and will be used to mark additional weaknesses, resistance and immunity against incoming attacks. All other elements are marked as secondary and don't have an additional use outside expanding the variation in his learnset (in most cases). Below you will see an overview from the primary element defense rate:

Element Terra Element Flame Element Sea Element Nature Element Electric Element Ice Element Metal Element Dark Element Light Element War Element Pure Element Legend
Round MetalRound War Round SeaRound Electric Round FlameRound War Round TerraRound Ice Round SeaRound Light Round FlameRound Metal Round ElectricRound Dark Round TerraRound NatureRound Light Round NatureRound Dark Round SeaRound Ice N/A Round Legend
Round TerraRound Flame Round FlameRound Metal Round SeaRound Nature Round NatureRound Light Round ElectricRound War Round IceRound Dark Round TerraRound Metal Round ElectricRound Dark Round IceRound Light Round War Round Pure Round Physical


Round Electric Round Light Round Terra Round Sea Round Metal Round War Round Flame Round Ice N/A Round Nature N/A N/A

NOTE: We've found on some elements, their immunity (NO DAMAGE) is not working properly (receive 1x damage instead of 0x). 

Attacks on Element

Every dragon can hold 4 attacks. Every attack is associated with an element. The attack will have critical (double damage), not effective (no damage) or ineffective (half damage) damage to a dragon. Below you will see an overview from the attack rate against the primary element of a dragon:

Round Physical Round Terra Round Flame Round Sea Round Nature Round Electric Round Ice Round Metal Round Dark Round Light Round War Round Pure Round Legend


N/A Element NatureElement Dark Element SeaElement Ice Element FlameElement ElectricElement War Element DarkElement Light Element FlameElement Metal Element NatureElement War Element TerraElement Ice Element MetalElement Light Element ElectricElement Dark Element TerraElement Sea N/A Element Legend
Element Legend Element TerraElement Metal Element TerraElement Flame Element Sea Element SeaElement Nature Element ElectricElement Dark Element IceElement Light Element FlameElement Metal Element IceElement Dark Element NatureElement Light Element ElectricElement War Element Pure N/A
N/A Element Sea Element Metal Element Nature Element War Element Terra Element Dark Element Electric N/A Element Flame Element Ice N/A N/A

NOTE: We've found on some elements, their not effective (NO DAMAGE) is not working properly (deal 1x damage instead of 0x).

  • Filter to result only the dragons where the dragon exist out with exeption of legend and pures.
  • Prevents some elemental dragon breeding together.
  • Primal does x2 damage to pure, pure does x2 damage to legend, and legend does x2 to primal. (I don't know how to edit charts)

Opposite Elements

These opposite Elements are not breedable directly. At combat, some of these opposite deal x2 damage or "critical". 

Element Elem Earth Elem Fire Water Dragon Symbol Elem Plant Elem Electric Elem Ice Elem Metal Elem Dark Symbol Light Symbol War Symbol Pure Legend Symbol


Element Metal Element Ice Element War Element Electric Element Nature Element Flame Element Terra Element Light Element Dark Element Sea N/A N/A

Archangel / Light

Light sword
The reason why the Archangel Dragon is not named the Light Dragon follows:

As part of the Dungeon Island event, an element unknown at that time was used against the Cerberus Dragon and Demon Dragon. The only known dragon with this element was the Archangel Dragon until the Light and War update.  While the Archangel Dragon was briefly playable during the event, it could not be owned/bred and very little was known about it until the update.

It was released by SP (26 July 2013) that the unknown Element is called Light. See Light and War update.


  • Pre LaW update
  • Original
  • Dragon City element chart as of March 2020


  • Some elements originally had other names:
    • Earth = Terra
    • Fire = Flame
    • Water = Sea
    • Plant = Nature
  • Both Ice and Dark were originally bonus elements. Ice seems to be a hold end element with a purpose to be a modifier when, for example, new elements get added.

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