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Dungeon Island/September 2015

This event has expired on 28 Sep 2015 12:00:00 +0000.

Electric Dungeon Island
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  • It was released on 9/9/2015.
  • 10 dragons were available in it, 4 of them were new.
  • It is similar to the Throne Island and Farm Island events.
  • It was going to be named Electric Dungeon Island.


  • You start with 110 Bulbs.
  • Collect up to 600 Bulbs in each 8 hour period (34,310 max for the event).
  • Collection periods start at 24h, 16h, and 8h on the countdown timer; you can collect any time within the period.
  • Once a collection period ends those bulbs are no longer available.
  • You will get bulbs from: collecting gold and food, feeding, breeding, hatching, and winning PVP battles. Any combination of actions may be used.
  • For breeding and hatching longer times get more bulbs.
  • To get bulbs from hatching, the dragon must be placed in a habitat or a Kindergarten.
  • Bulbs can pay for: opening boxes, skipping fights, and buying dragons.
  • You can go to any spot adjacent to the path you have traversed if you have enough bulbs.

Bulb Collection Amounts[]

Action Max Bulbs per action
Collecting Gold 5
Collecting Food 25
Feeding dragons 60
Winning PvP 75
Breeding Dragons 150
Hatching a hybrid 250
Hatching a 3 or 4 element dragon 375
Hatching a Legend 500

Fight List[]

Least Expensive Routes[]

Costs include the dragons, but not skipping fights

Dragon Route Cost Cumulative Cost
Double Electric Either 1200 1200
Ifrit Top 1470 2670
Ghost Top 2400 5070
Granite Top 1940 7010
Soul Eater Top 2650 9660
Demon Top 5530 15,190
Kooky Inside 5980 21,170
Kaiju Bottom 13060 34,230
Spiky Bottom 9850 44,080
Immortal Top 14390 58,470

Bulbs saved by skipping dragons[]

  • Skipping dragons prior to Demon won't save any bulbs
  • Demon: 2180
  • Kooky: 2470 (take top/outside route)
  • Kaiju: 70 (take top route)
  • Spiky: 2510 (take bottom route to Immortal)

Dragons available[]

Adult Double Electric DragonElectricElectric Adult Ifrit DragonFlameTerraDark Adult Ghost DragonDarkTerra Adult Granite DragonTerraFlame Adult Soul Eater DragonSeaLightDark Adult Demon DragonDarkFlameMetal Adult Kooky DragonElectricDarkWar Adult Kaiju DragonTerraSeaWar Adult Spiky DragonFlamePure Adult Immortal DragonLegend