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Dual Rebound
File:Dual Rebound Animation.gif
Element Flame
Base Power 3000
Training time 12 hours

Dual Rebound is an exclusive special skill move for Dual Perception Dragon. Its function is almost identical to Explosion, except that Dual Rebound is more powerful than Explosion and Reckless Victory. This attack base power is 3,000. It is the most powerful Flame attack in Dragon City.

Skill effect[]

Huge damage is dealt but the user is also hurt

Like Ignition, Explosion, and Reckless Victory. Dual Rebound is recoil skill. A dragon uses some of its own health points to deal bigger damage to an enemy.

Once used, you have to wait n turns before next use.



  • Dual Perception Dragon can relearn this skill move if it had been previously overwritten with another move through training.