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Dual Destiny
File:Dual Destiny Animation.gif
Element Ice
Base Power 2000
Training time 12 hours

Dual Destiny is an exclusive special skill move for the Dual Parliament Dragon. Its base power is 2000.

Skill effect[]

Heals user, heals allies, switches out user or deals damage

Dual Destiny is a Random attack move skill, similar to Call For Help, Call For Backup and Vampiric Origins.

Once used, you have to wait 2 turns to use this move again.

Possible move outcomes[]

  • Dual Self-Heal
    • Heals only the user.
  • Dual Team Heal
    • Heals the user's team.
  • Dual Switch-Out
    • Switches out the user with a random ally dragon (does not deal damage).
  • Dual Damage
    • Damages the opponent with 2000 base power.