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Dragon collections are collections that give you rewards if you complete the collection by getting all the dragons required.

The rewards will always be a specific dragon and additional rewards will vary with the options being Gem.pngGems, Gold Bar Icon.pngGold, FoodFood, XP.pngXP, Seed of Dragon card pack, habitat upgrade tokens, Dark Habitat.png or the Pure Habitat.png.


New Beginnings[]

Rewards: Love Dragon, Gem.png x 2, Gold Bar Icon.png x 500, Food x 500, XP.png x 1K
Required Dragons:
1. Terra Dragon
2. Flame Dragon
3. Volcano Dragon
4. Flaming Rock Dragon
5. Sea Dragon


Rewards: Padron Dragon, Gem.png x 5, Gold Bar Icon.png x 500, Food x 500, XP.png x 2.5K
Required Dragons:
6. Mud Dragon
7. Waterfall Dragon
8. Blizzard Dragon
9. Cloud Dragon
10. Nature Dragon


Rewards: Energy Dragon, Gem.png x 5, Gold Bar Icon.png x 500, Food x 1k, XP.png x 10k
Required Dragons:
11. Cactus Dragon
12. Tropical Dragon
14. Spicy Dragon
15. Firebird Dragon
16. Coral Dragon
17. Nenufar Dragon
18. Electric Dragon
19. Chameleon Dragon
20. Star Dragon
529. Padron Dragon


Rewards: Adamantium Dragon, Gem.png x 5 , Gold Bar Icon.png x 2K, Food x 1K, Seed of dragon, XP.png x 100K
Required Dragons:
21. Gummy Dragon
22. Hot Metal Dragon
23. Laser Dragon
24. Storm Dragon
25. Lantern Fish Dragon
26. Ice Dragon
27. Alpine Dragon
28. Snowflake Dragon
29. Ice Cream Dragon
30. Ice Cube Dragon


Rewards: Midas Dragon, Gem.png x 8, Gold Bar Icon.png x 5K, Food x 8K, XP.png x 500K
Required Dragons:
31. Mojito Dragon
32. Dandelion Dragon
33. Fluorescent Dragon
34. Moose Dragon
35. Metal Dragon
36. Steampunk Dragon
37. Medieval Dragon
38. Armadillo Dragon
264. Martial Arts Dragon
345. Adamantium Dragon


Rewards: Seafloor Dragon, Gem.png x 8, Gold Bar Icon.png x 8k, Food x 10k, Seed of dragon, XP.png x 750K
Required Dragons:
39. Seashell Dragon
40. Cool Fire Dragon
41. Soccer Dragon
42. Mercury Dragon
43. Dragonfly Dragon
44. Jade Dragon
45. Gold Dragon
46. Battery Dragon
129. Sky Dragon
135. Plankton Dragon
148. Music Dragon
163. Centipede Dragon
194. Origami Dragon
204. Midas Dragon
286. Pterodactyl Dragon


Rewards: Dark Pearl Dragon, Gem.png x 10, Gold Bar Icon.png x 10K, Food x 15K, XP.png x 1M
Required Dragons:
47. Pearl Dragon
48. Platinum Dragon
49. Dark Dragon
50. Venom Dragon
51. Hedgehog Dragon
52. Dark Fire Dragon
53. Vampire Dragon
54. Pirate Dragon
55. Petroleum Dragon
56. Rattlesnake Dragon
98. Deep Red Dragon
139. Jelly Dragon
146. Ice&Fire Dragon
229. Frozen Wind Dragon
239. Giant Wings Dragon


Rewards: Toad Dragon
, Gem.png x 10, Gold Bar Icon.png x 15K, Food x 20K, Seed of dragon, XP.png x 2M
Required Dragons:
57. Carnivorous Plant Dragon
58. Neon Dragon
59. Penguin Dragon
60. Zombie Dragon
99. Wizard Dragon
100. Ninja Dragon
101. Burning Dragon
127. Fossil Dragon
131. Aztec Dragon
134. Two-Headed Dragon
147. Aurora Dragon
201. Black Knight Dragon
240. Amethyst Dragon
244. Twister Dragon
518. Dark Pearl Dragon


Rewards: Alien Pet Dragon, Gem.png x 13, Gold Bar Icon.png x 25K, Food x 35K, XP.png x 5M
Required Dragons:
102. Wyvern Dragon
103. Steam Dragon
104. Quake Dragon
105. Dujur Dragon
106. Gargoyle Dragon
130. Bat Dragon
138. Viking Dragon
145. Deep Forest Dragon
149. Block Dragon
156. Carnival Dragon
160. Hydra Dragon
162. Prisma Dragon
164. Emerald Dragon
166. Ruby Dragon
169. Joker Dragon
192. Hammer Dragon
197. Loki Dragon
199. Saturn Dragon
206. Aquamarine Dragon
314. Genie Dragon


Rewards: Nocturnal Dragon, Gem.png x 14, Gold Bar Icon.png x 35K, Food x 55K, XP.png x 6M
Required Dragons:
70. War Dragon
71. Colossal Dragon
72. Juggernaut Dragon
73. Red Woods Dragon
74. Tesla Dragon
75. Night Wind Dragon
76. Panzer Dragon
77. Dark Stone Dragon
78. Elfic Dragon
79. Leviathan Dragon
111. Howl Dragon
116. Supersonic Dragon
117. Sylvan Dragon
118. Dark Elf Dragon
183. Hades Dragon
195. Tiny Dragon
258. Sunset Dragon
318. Albino Dragon
465. Sky Queen Dragon
575. Alien Pet Dragon


Rewards: Mystic Plant Dragon, Gem.png x 15, Gold Bar Icon.png x 50K, Food x 70K, XP.png x 7M
Required Dragons:
80. Pure Dragon
81. Pure Terra Dragon
82. Pure Flame Dragon
83. Pure Sea Dragon
84. Pure Nature Dragon
85. Pure Electric Dragon
86. Pure Ice Dragon
87. Pure Metal Dragon
88. Pure Dark Dragon
89. Zen Dragon
90. Kratus Dragon
107. Magnet Dragon
112. Promethium Dragon
119. Mirage Dragon
121. Unity Dragon
122. Acoustic Dragon
178. Treasure Dragon
283. Kaiju Dragon
466. Boreal Dragon
467. Obscure Dragon


Rewards: Dark Cave Dragon, Gem.png x 30, Gold Bar Icon.png x 70K, Food x 85K, XP.png x 8M
Required Dragons:
91. Legacy Dragon
92. Crystal Dragon
93. Air Dragon
94. Mirror Dragon
95. Poo Dragon
120. Core Dragon
123. Millennium Dragon
124. Master Dragon
125. Basilisk Dragon
126. Greenfluid Dragon
128. Seahorse Dragon
153. Paradise Dragon
185. Nirobi Dragon
188. Ivory Dragon
281. Felidae Dragon
408. Dragotron Dragon
410. Molluck Dragon


Rewards: Amerindian Dragon, Gem.png x 30, Gold Bar Icon.png x 85K, Food x 100K, XP.png x 15M
Required Dragons:
113. Meteor Dragon
114. Forge Dragon
115. Abyss Dragon
152. Pharaoh Dragon
159. Brontosaurus Dragon
167. Angry Dragon
173. Diamond Dragon
180. Bone Dragon
184. Atlas Dragon
186. Droconos Dragon
190. Toxic Dragon
193. Tribal Dragon
312. Korean Soccer Dragon
394. Rockfire Dragon
400. Infamous Dragon


Rewards: Odin Dragon, Gem.png x 30, Gold Bar Icon.png x 100k, Food x 110k, XP.png x 20m
Required Dragons:
132. Chinese Dragon
136. Uncle Sam Dragon
140. Quetzal Dragon
141. Queen Dragon
143. Santa Dragon
157. Love Dragon
158. T-Rex Dragon
165. St Patrick's Dragon
181. Predator Dragon
187. Monstrous Dragon
191. Obsidian Dragon
200. White Knight Dragon
203. Deus Pet Dragon
205. Mysterious Dragon
230. Aztec Warrior Dragon
231. Aztec Priest Dragon
235. Blind Dragon
246. Columbus Dragon
404. Mace Dragon
538. Hope Dragon


Rewards: Cyclops Dragon, Gem.png x 30, Gold Bar Icon.png x 110k, Food x 120k, XP.png x 20m
Required Dragons:
96. Robot Dragon
97. Paladin Dragon
137. Evil Pumpkin Dragon
144. Ghost Dragon
177. Cerberus Dragon
202. Thief Dragon
208. Hypno Dragon
213. King Solomon Dragon
214. Scrooge Dragon
217. Clover Dragon
218. Poker Dragon
220. Ace Dragon
221. Speed Dragon
224. Chimera Dragon
225. Eclipse Dragon
226. Specter Dragon
227. Cat Dragon
228. Crossfire Dragon
233. Chobby Dragon
234. Jamaican Dragon
236. Cookie Dragon
237. Elements Dragon
321. Sheriff Dragon
421. Impassible Dragon
448. Frostbite Dragon


Rewards: Solstice Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Octopus Dragon
Mars Dragon
Stressed Dragon
Manglar Dragon
Peace Dragon
Desert Dragon
Heart Dragon
Cosmo Dragon
Bavarian Dragon
Big Rockstar Dragon
Frankie Dragon
Halloween Dragon
Joseon Dragon
Oni Dragon
Hearts Queen Dragon
Big Hat Dragon
Quartz Dragon
Snowman Dragon
Xmas Elf Dragon
Yoyo Dragon
Hawaiian Dragon
Ukulele Dragon
Easter Dragon
Earth Day Dragon
Mother's Day Dragon


Rewards: White Soul Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Mold Dragon
Animation Dragon
Surf Dragon
Double Terra Dragon
Double Nature Dragon
Double Flame Dragon
Double Electric Dragon
Double Ice Dragon
Double Metal Dragon
Anniversary Dragon
Cheshire Cat Dragon
Zodiac Scorpio Dragon
Crowned Dragon
Cheerful Dragon
Adored Dragon
Speedy Dragon
Fastshoot Dragon
Sportive Dragon
Brawny Dragon
Father's Day Dragon
Princess Dragon
Little Red Riding Hood Dragon
Adventure Dragon
Independence Day Dragon
Zodiac Aries Dragon


Rewards: Barebone Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Rockfeller Dragon
Aztec Emperor Dragon
Slam Dragon
Gold Rush Dragon
Apache Dragon
Mozart Dragon
Hansel & Gretel Dragon
Detective Dragon
Astronaut Dragon
Sad Dragon
Mystic Blizzard Dragon
Frost Dragon
Rudolph Dragon
Clay Dragon
Spring Dragon
Eggster Dragon
Fairy Dragon
Anubis Dragon
Nazca Dragon
Water Storm Dragon
Nightmare Dragon
Sunlight Dragon
Dark Ash Dragon
AirBoss Dragon
Hell Twin Dragon <br


Rewards: Dragasand Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Bookday Dragon
Double Sea Dragon
Celtic Dragon
Aqualung Dragon
Depth Dragon
Gingerbread Dragon
Equinox Dragon
Shakespeare Dragon
Recycling Dragon
Black Swan Dragon
Fur Dragon
Wave Dragon
Amazone Dragon
Handy Dragon
DejaVu Dragon
Wonder Dragon
Bohemian Dragon
Wacky Dragon
Holi Dragon
Sakura Dragon


Rewards: Draost Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Thor Dragon
Blue Fire Dragon
Strong Dragon
Shogun Dragon
Da Vinci Dragon
Rorschach Dragon
Firefighter Dragon
Petal Dragon
Nisse Dragon
Ifrit Dragon
Kooky Dragon
Retired Dragon
Yôkai Dragon
Snail Dragon
Mantis Dragon
Sand Dragon
Wisp Dragon
Firewolf Dragon
Ignition Dragon
Meditation Dragon
Asian Dragon
Sunrise Dragon
Dainty Dragon
Mana Dragon
Penumbra Dragon


Rewards: Werewolf Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Shaolin Dragon
Scientific Dragon
Red Egg Dragon
Necro Dragon
Allure Dragon
Christreen Dragon
Ocean Dragon
Patriot Dragon
Orc Dragon
Summer Dragon
Car Dragon
Motorbike Dragon
BigFace Dragon
Sword Wielder Dragon
Brown Haired Dragon
Heat Dragon
Barley Dragon
Homerun Dragon
Cyber Dragon
Never Grow Dragon
La Muerta Dragon
Bonfire Dragon
Old General Dragon
Bark Dragon
Doctor Dragon


Rewards: Snake Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Mistletoe Dragon
Motherly Dragon
Touchdown Dragon
Venetian Dragon
Mardi Gras Dragon
Bunny Dragon
Graduation Dragon
Sheep Dragon
Chicken Dragon
Spark Dragon
Chrome Dragon
Iceberg Dragon
Forestry Dragon
Soul Eater Dragon
Spartan Dragon
Ranger Dragon
Bloody Dragon
Yeti Dragon
Avalon Dragon
Grinchy Dragon
Drainbow Dragon
Drace Dragon
Lightspeed Dragon
Massif Dragon
Drathic Dragon


Rewards: Evil Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Necromancer Dragon
Cyborg Dragon
Sorcerer Dragon
Boss Dragon
Chocolate Dragon
Soldier Dragon
Dual Dragon
Candy Boot Dragon
Voltage Dragon
Wolfreeze Dragon
The Kind Dragon
Otoroshi Dragon
Dancing Dragon
Diva Dragon
Vain Dragon
Demolition Dragon
Tiamat Dragon
Squid Dragon
Leaf Dragon
Intraterrestrial Dragon
Choleric Dragon
Glowppy Dragon
Friendship Dragon
Night Dragon
Witch Dragon


Rewards: Asier Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Demon Dragon
Wrestler Dragon
Big Claws Dragon
Space Dragon
Citadel Dragon
White Alien Dragon
Tackle Dragon
Super Terra Dragon
Third Birthday Dragon
Super Star Dragon
Super Nature Dragon
Macha Dragon
Captain Dragon
Joke Dragon
Ozone Dragon
Symbiotic Dragon
Deep Sea Dragon
Sustainable Dragon
Banana Dragon
Patriot General Dragon


Rewards: Fate Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Zodiac Taurus Dragon
Zodiac Cancer Dragon
Zodiac Leo Dragon
Zodiac Virgo Dragon
Zodiac Sagittarius Dragon
Zodiac Capricorn Dragon
FrozeBeast Dragon
Reaper Dragon
Vanoss Dragon
Crazy Dragon
Caribbean Dragon
Discus Thrower Dragon
Archer Dragon
Runner Dragon
Fencing Dragon
Brainy Dragon
Martian Dragon
Hero Dragon
Froyo Dragon
Free Spirit Dragon
Unicorn Dragon
Roller Coaster Dragon
Big Wheel Dragon
Rideable Dragon
Wolfish Dragon


Rewards: Forest Lord Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Zodiac Pisces Dragon
Brave Sword Dragon
Longhorn Dragon
Sleeping Beauty Dragon
Explosive Dragon
Spiky Dragon
Magma Dragon
Space Being Dragon
Terrifying Dragon
Goblin Dragon
Hercules Dragon
Dracula Dragon
Vampiress Dragon
Disco Ninja Dragon
Mwahaha Dragon
Tin Woodman Dragon
Scarecrow Dragon
Dorothy Dragon
Cowardly Dragon
Royal Phoenix Dragon
Deathly Dragon
Hunger Dragon
Conquest Dragon
Warfare Dragon
Geist Dragon


Rewards: Timetravel Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Zodiac Gemini Dragon
Zodiac Libra Dragon
Krait Dragon
Golem Dragon
Ragnor Dragon
Mystic War Dragon
Atlantean Dragon
Samba Dragon
Voodoo Witcher Dragon
Bear Dragon
Panther Dragon
Tiger Dragon
Cereal Killer Dragon
Millennial Dragon
Icewind Dragon
Valentine Dragon
Kong Dragon
Beauty Dragon
Furious Dragon
One Horned Dragon


Rewards: Nessy Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Thanksgiving Dragon
Alien Dragon
Jellyfish Dragon
Robin Hood Dragon
Juggler Dragon
Zodiac Aquarius Dragon
Mystic Tribe Dragon
Dark Angel Dragon
Rem Dragon
Flesh Dragon
Golden Hand Dragon
Cruel Dragon
Cow Dragon
Pig Dragon
Supernova Dragon
Ferver Dragon
Gravity Dragon
Sap Dragon
Imp Dragon
Immortal Dragon
Crest Dragon
Super Flame Dragon
Berserk Dragon
Experimental Dragon


Rewards: ?? Dragon, Gem.png x 40
Required Dragons:
Amber Dragon
Secret Fire Dragon
The Amazing Dragon
Prophet Dragon
Flawless Dragon
Balloon Dragon
Dreamcatcher Dragon
Bride Dragon
Gurgle Dragon
Naughty Dragon
Underworld Dragon
Red Rose Dragon
Mermaid Dragon
Illusion Dragon
Chakara Dragon


Rewards: firefrog Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Chainmail Dragon
Sphynx Dragon
Mummy Dragon
Lightning Dragon
Wurm Dragon
Granite Dragon
Poseidon Dragon
Troglodyte Dragon
Dolphin Dragon
Lightbeam Dragon

First VIP[]

Rewards: Moonlight Dragon, Gem.png x 125
Required Dragons:
Hellgate Dragon
Dark Jaws Dragon
Faust Dragon
Sentence Dragon
Valiant Dragon
Bushido Dragon
Demigod Dragon
Turkey Dragon
Rocket Dragon
Winter Phoenix Dragon
Enigmatic Dragon
Highborn Dragon
Ard Ri Dragon
Glitter Dragon
Dark Sky Dragon
Void Dragon
Liquid Dragon
Beholder Dragon
Rune Dragon
City Shark Dragon
Nightglow Dragon
Poisonous Dragon
Archaic Dragon
Betrayer Dragon
Dwelling Dragon

First Heroic[]

Rewards: Kraken Dragon, Gem.png x 50
Required Dragons:
High Fenrir Dragon
High Nucleus Dragon
High Tension Dragon
High Guardian Dragon
High Priest Dragon
High Tidal Dragon
High Comet Dragon
High Realm Dragon
High Entity Dragon
High Supremacy Dragon

Grand Master[]

Rewards: Tornado Dragon, Gem.png x 150
Required Dragons:
Odin Dragon
Nocturnal Dragon
Mystic Plant Dragon
Seafloor Dragon
Cyclops Dragon
Evil Dragon
Energy Dragon
Asier Dragon
Amerindian Dragon
Barebone Dragon
Fate Dragon
Solstice Dragon
Nobunga Dragon
Red Asian Dragon
Kraken Dragon
Forest Lord Dragon
Firefrog Dragon
Snake Dragon
Timetravel Dragon
Dragasand Dragon
Draost Dragon
White Soul Dragon
Moonlight Dragon
Werewolf Dragon
Dark Cave Dragon


Rewards: Red Asian Dragon, Gem.png x 12
Required Dragons:
Butterfly Dragon
Archangel Dragon
Justice Dragon
Sun Dragon
Luminescent Dragon
Mater Natura Dragon
Photon Dragon
Cold Star Dragon
Rainbow Dragon
Fallen Angel Dragon
Apocalypse Dragon
Blue Dragon
Glacial Dragon
King Dragon
Great White Dragon
Lava Dragon
Moon Dragon
Twin Dragon
Box Dragon
Toad Dragon

Legends of Deus[]

Rewards: Egg Hunter Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Draek Dragon
Drato Dragon
Dragem Dragon
Draluxe Dragon
Dracon Dragon


Rewards: Maori Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Freezox Dragon
Pyrex Dragon
Voltaix Dragon
Poisonux Dragon
Demonic Dragon
Teacher Dragon
W2S Dragon
Callux Dragon
Seducing Dragon
Challenge Dragon
Scheme Dragon
Machinery Dragon
Electrostatic Dragon
Alien Lurker Dragon
Child Forever Dragon
Succuby Dragon
Glutty Dragon
Cerbery Dragon
Satanny Dragon
Mongrel Dragon
Franky Dragon
Nineties Dragon
Useful Dragon
Childish Dragon
Azur Dragon

Second Heroic[]

Rewards: Hound Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
High Spirits Dragon
High Fighter Dragon
High Star Dragon
High Queen Dragon
High Purity Dragon
High Octane Dragon
High Tech Dragon
High Snow Dragon
High Portal Dragon
High Celestial Dragon

First Arena[]

Rewards: Gladiator Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
Bjorn Dragon
Katsumoto Dragon
Lancelot Dragon
Fury Dragon
Mighty Mantis Dragon
Frostling Dragon
Ironscales Dragon
King Ragnar Dragon
Emperor Dragon

Relic of Life[]

Rewards: Origin Dragon, Gem.png x 15
Required Dragons:
Clarity Dragon
Reason Dragon
Virtue Dragon
Empathy Dragon
Loyalty Dragon

Third Heroic[]

Rewards: Cloud Master Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
High Superstition Dragon
High Resolution Dragon
High Score Dragon
High Feral Dragon
Yggdrasil Dragon
High Commander Dragon
High Reverie Dragon
High Zephyr Dragon
High Winter Dragon
High Maliciouis Dragon

Fae Savior[]

Rewards: Flavored Dragon, Gem.png x 15
Required Dragons:
Trickster Fae Dragon
Seism Fae Dragon
Crested Fae Dragon
Galaxy Fae Dragon
Evanescent Fae Dragon

Warrior's Call[]

Rewards: ?? Dragon, Gem.png x 15
Required Dragons:
Night Forest Dragon
Holy Dragon
Desmuk Dragon
Boulder Dragon
Kitsune Dragon
Anemone Dragon
Snapper Dragon
Timeless Dragon
Iced Sea Dragon
Battler Dragon
Inky Dragon
Daybreak Dragon
Coyote Dragon
Transmutation Dragon
Glorious Dragon
Ultimate Dragon

Alliance Chest[]

Rewards: ?? Dragon, Gem.png x 15
Required Dragons:
Destiny Dragon
Hard-headed Dragon
Fuming Dragon
Solar-Powered Dragon
Vulcan Dragon
Ride Dragon
Big Fins Dragon
Transcendence Dragon
Prewings Dragon
Huntsdraco Dragon
Heavy Armored Dragon
Masked Dragon
Mammatus Dragon

Primal Offspring[]

Rewards: Frilled Dragon, Gem.png x 15
Required Dragons:
Aquanaut Dragon
Grass Dragon
Verglas Dragon
Sailer Dragon
Dual Blade Dragon
Chase Dragon
Breaker Dragon
Jolts Dragon
Gorge Dragon
Dust Dragon
Wildfire Dragon
Double Primal Dragon

Legates of Winter[]

Rewards: Uller Dragon, Gem.png x 5
Required Dragons:
Winter Comet Dragon
Winter Star Dragon
Winter Sun Dragon
Winter Moon Dragon

Fourth Heroic[]

Rewards: Sketch Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
High Super Dragon
High Eternal Dragon
High Fallen Dragon
High Positivity Dragon
High Relentless Dragon
High Marauder Dragon
High Overlord Dragon
High Diabolical Dragon
High Cybernetic Dragon
High Frozen Dragon


Rewards: Lil Cricket Dragon, Gold x 10 Million
Required Dragons:
Norse Dragon
Headstrong Dragon
Power Dragon
Frilled Dragon
Primal Dragon

7 Wonders[]

Rewards: World Wonder Dragon, Gem.png x 15
Required Dragons:
Taj Mahal Dragon
Colosseum Dragon
Chichen Itza Dragon
Pyramid Dragon
Petra Dragon
Machu Picchu Dragon
Great Wall Dragon


Rewards: Phatom Dragon, Gem.png x 5
Required Dragons:
Zombie Terra Dragon
Zombie Nature Dragon
Zombie Star Dragon
High Diabolical Dragon
Zombie Flame Dragon


Rewards: Pure Titan Dragon, Gem.png x 15
Required Dragons:
Flame Titan Dragon
Ice Titan Dragon
Nature Titan Dragon
Electric Titan Dragon

Titans II[]

Rewards: Primal Titan Dragon, Gem.png x 15
Required Dragons:
Metal Titan Dragon
War Titan Dragon
Sea Titan Dragon
Terra Titan Dragon

Fifth Heroic[]

Rewards: Modern Dragon, Gem.png x 30
Required Dragons:
High Ethereal Dragon
High Virago Dragon
High Reborn Dragon
High Arcane Dragon
High Scorchwing Dragon
High Tectonic Dragon
High Earthen Dragon
High Devastation Dragon
? Dragon
? Dragon

Vampire Family[]

Rewards: Sinful Vampire Dragon, Gem.png x 15
Required Dragons:
Prideful Vampire Dragon
Wrathful Vampire Dragon
Gluttonous Vampire Dragon
Envious Vampire Dragon

Vampire Family II[]

Rewards: Blood God Vampire Dragon, Gem.png x 15
Required Dragons:
Bio-Augmented Vampire Dragon
Hexed Vampire Dragon
Usurper Vampire Dragon
Greedy Vampire Dragon

Corrupted Clan[]

Rewards: Required Dragons:
Corrupted Legend Dragon
Corrupted Flame Dragon
Corrupted Nature Dragon
Corrupted Electric Dragon
Corrupted War Dragon

Corrupted Clan II[]

Rewards: Required Dragons:
Corrupted Chaos Dragon
Corrupted Ice Dragon
Corrupted Sea Dragon
Corrupted Metal Dragon
Corrupted Primal Dragon