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This lists the dragons in the Dragon Book numbered 1901 to 2000. To view other numbers, refer to the main Dragon Book page. Back to Dragon Book

Dragons 1901 - 2000[]

# Picture Name Elements Rarity Source
1901 Unfaethful Dragon 3 Unfaethful Dragon Element Beauty Element Time Element Dream Element Wind Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1902 Duo-Demand Dragon 3 Duo-Demand Dragon Element Legend Element Legend Element Wind Element Sea Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1903 Duo-Dazzle Dragon 3 Duo-Dazzle Dragon Element Light Element Light Element Legend Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1904 Mecha Mace Dragon 3 Mecha Mace Dragon Element Chaos Element Dark Element Ice Element Metal Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1905 Duo-Damp Dragon 3 Duo-Damp Dragon Element Pure Element Pure Element Sea Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1906 Duo-Destruct Dragon 3 Duo-Destruct Dragon Element Primal Element Primal Element Chaos Element Light Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1907 Viper Plasma Dragon 3 Viper Plasma Dragon Element War Element Nature Element Terra Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1908 High Arcana Judgement Dragon 3 High Arcana Judgement Dragon Element Soul Element Legend Element Pure Element Wind Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1909 High Nacrea Dragon 3 High Nacrea Dragon Element Magic Element Legend Element Dream Element Sea Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1910 Duo-Dust Dragon 3 Duo-Dust Dragon Element Wind Element Wind Element Magic Element Beauty Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1911 Bolt Dragon 3 Bolt Dragon Element Electric Element Wind Element Chaos Element Legend Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1912 Quantum Ghost Dragon 3 Quantum Ghost Dragon Element Magic Element War Element Dark Element Ice Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1913 No entry for this number
1914 Duo-Delight Dragon 3 Duo-Delight Dragon Element Happy Element Happy Element Terra Element Pure Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1915 Downfall Dragon 3 Downfall Dragon Element Primal Element Beauty Element Flame Element Nature Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1916 Duo-Dance Dragon 3 Duo-Dance Dragon Element Soul Element Soul Element Electric Element Electric Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1917 Enchantress Dragon 3 Enchantress Dragon Element Beauty Element Dream Element Terra Element Magic Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1918 Duo-Demolish Dragon 3 Duo-Demolish Dragon Element Legend Element Chaos Element Chaos Element Electric Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1919 Puppet Master Dragon 3 Puppet Master Dragon Element Nature Element Happy Element Flame Element Primal Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1920 Duo-Delusion Dragon 3 Duo-Delusion Dragon Element Legend Element Dream Element Dream Element Time Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1921 Secret Plasma Dragon 3 Secret Plasma Dragon Element Nature Element Electric Element Sea Element Legend Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1922 Deadlock Plasma Dragon 3 Deadlock Plasma Dragon Element Pure Element Ice Element Magic Element Beauty Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1923 No entry for this number
1924 High Ashwing Dragon 3 High Ashwing Dragon Element Flame Element Dark Element Metal Element Soul Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1925 Overgrowth Dragon 3 Overgrowth Dragon Element Metal Element Nature Element Terra Element Soul Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1926 Quantum Flash Dragon 3 Quantum Flash Dragon Element Electric Element Light Element Dark Element Pure Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1927 Globalia Dragon 3 Globalia Dragon Element Ice Element Terra Element Dream Element Sea Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1928 Halo Dragon 3 Halo Dragon Element Metal Element Light Element Pure Element Happy Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1929 Reindare Dragon 3 Reindare Dragon Element War Element Metal Element Chaos Element Dark Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1930 Duo-Dive Dragon 3 Duo-Dive Dragon Element Ice Element Ice Element Dream Element Wind Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1931 Seabed Dragon 3 Seabed Dragon Element Sea Element Metal Element Primal Element Dream Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1932 Snowglobe Dragon 3 Snowglobe Dragon Element Dream Element Light Element Ice Element Sea Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1933 Globalio Dragon 3 Globalio Dragon Element Ice Element Light Element War Element Time Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1934 Impostor Dragon 3 Impostor Dragon Element Light Element Chaos Element Primal Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1935 Rampage Berserker Dragon 3 Rampage Berserker Dragon Element Primal Element Chaos Element War Element Terra Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1936 High Harpy Plasma Dragon 3 High Harpy Plasma Dragon Element Wind Element Soul Element Time Element Dream Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1937 High Aurasphere Dragon 3 High Aurasphere Dragon Element Ice Element Nature Element Happy Element Legend Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1938 Dreadnought Dragon 3 Dreadnought Dragon Element Sea Element Dark Element Time Element Chaos Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1939 Barriguard Dragon 3 Barriguard Dragon Element Light Element War Element Legend Element Soul Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1940 Gretackle Dragon 3 Gretackle Dragon Element War Element Nature Element Ice Element Soul Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1941 Storyteller Dragon 3 Storyteller Dragon Element Magic Element Light Element Pure Element Dark Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1942 Hanshock Dragon 3 Hanshock Dragon Element Electric Element Metal Element Primal Element Happy Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1943 Bedwyr Berserker Dragon 3 Bedwyr Berserker Dragon Element Chaos Element Primal Element Light Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1944 Dauntless Dragon 3 Dauntless Dragon Element Happy Element Wind Element Metal Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1945 Wretched Dragon 3 Wretched Dragon Element Flame Element Dream Element Light Element Primal Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1946 Moxie Dragon 3 Moxie Dragon Element Pure Element Beauty Element Electric Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1947 Kallos Dragon 3 Kallos Dragon Element Beauty Element Wind Element Nature Element Light Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1948 Gigaguard Dragon 3 Gigaguard Dragon Element Beauty Element Metal Element Flame Element Chaos Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1949 High Passion Dragon 3 High Passion Dragon Element Beauty Element Flame Element Electric Element Chaos Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1950 Voyager Dragon 3 Voyager Dragon Element Time Element Light Element Soul Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1951 Lotus Dragon 3 Lotus Dragon Element Nature Element Beauty Element Dark Element Terra Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1952 Larimar Dragon 3 Larimar Dragon Element Soul Element Terra Element Sea Element Wind Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1953 RageRoot Berserker Dragon 3 RageRoot Berserker Dragon Element Primal Element Nature Element Dark Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1954 Mythmarvelous Dragon 3 Mythmarvelous Dragon Element Beauty Element Pure Element Nature Element Light Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1955 Robird Dragon 3 Robird Dragon Element Wind Element Flame Element Ice Element Happy Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1956 Husk Dragon 3 Husk Dragon Element War Element Nature Element Magic Element Dark Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1957 Bijou Dragon 3 Bijou Dragon Element Pure Element Dream Element Metal Element Electric Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1958 Portuna Dragon 3 Portuna Dragon Element Sea Element Electric Element Primal Element Ice Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1959 High Quantum Wormhole Dragon 3 High Quantum Wormhole Dragon Element Legend Element Happy Element Beauty Element Dark Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1960 Leaderbliss Dragon 3 Leaderbliss Dragon Element Happy Element Nature Element War Element Primal Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1961 High Grotto Dragon 3 High Grotto Dragon Element Dream Element Primal Element Terra Element Flame Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1962 Geckobolt Dragon 3 Geckobolt Dragon Element Terra Element Happy Element Electric Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1963 Scarlet Dhar Mann Dragon 3 Scarlet Dhar Mann Dragon Element Wind Element Magic Element Electric Element Terra Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1964 Pulseguard Dragon 3 Pulseguard Dragon Element Primal Element Dark Element Electric Element Dream Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1965 Opulent Dragon 3 Opulent Dragon Element Legend Element Terra Element Ice Element Pure Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1966 Chargechick Dragon 3 Chargechick Dragon Element Electric Element Chaos Element Time Element Ice Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1967 Daffodrill Dragon 3 Daffodrill Dragon Element Wind Element Light Element Terra Element Legend Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1968 Maeve Berserker Dragon 3 Maeve Berserker Dragon Element Dream Element Primal Element Flame Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1969 Permawound Berserker Dragon 3 Permawound Berserker Dragon Element Soul Element Primal Element Dark Element Wind Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1970 Pitcher Plant Dragon 3 Pitcher Plant Dragon Element Nature Element Soul Element Electric Element Pure Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1971 Maroarder Dragon 3 Maroarder Dragon Element War Element Magic Element Nature Element Dream Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1972 Monsoon Dragon 3 Monsoon Dragon Element Legend Element Sea Element Ice Element Beauty Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1973 Colossyche Dragon 3 Colossyche Dragon Element Pure Element Chaos Element War Element Sea Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1974 High Flying Dragon 3 High Flying Dragon Element Time Element War Element Wind Element Electric Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1975 Palm Tree Dragon 3 Palm Tree Dragon Element Nature Element Legend Element Pure Element Dark Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1976 Veilguard Dragon 3 Veilguard Dragon Element War Element Nature Element Metal Element Magic Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1977 Piñattack Dragon 3 Piñattack Dragon Element Beauty Element Flame Element Nature Element Electric Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1978 Perfect Aim Dragon 3 Perfect Aim Dragon Element Happy Element Light Element Flame Element Metal Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1979 File:Lollipop Dragon 3.png Lollipop Dragon Element Legend Element Nature Element Sea Element Ice Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1980 Spiked Raptor Dragon 3 Spiked Raptor Dragon Element Wind Element Legend Element Nature Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1981 Pollination Dragon 3 Pollination Dragon Element Wind Element Sea Element Nature Element Legend Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1982 Honeybee Dragon 3 Honeybee Dragon Element Electric Element Dark Element Sea Element Pure Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1983 Beekeeper Dragon 3 Beekeeper Dragon Element Magic Element Nature Element Light Element Terra Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1984 High Whitetip Berserker Dragon 3 High Whitetip Berserker Dragon Element Primal Element Sea Element Electric Element War Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1985 Dinodon Dragon 3 Dinodon Dragon Element Happy Element Primal Element Flame Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1986 High Mayday Dragon 3 High Mayday Dragon Element Time Element Metal Element Ice Element Terra Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1987 Birthday Dragon 3 Birthday Dragon Element Happy Element Beauty Element Flame Element Magic Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1988 Cursed Rival Dragon 3 Cursed Rival Dragon Element Chaos Element Dark Element Pure Element Terra Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1989 Ecosystem Dragon 3 Ecosystem Dragon Element Dream Element Dark Element Light Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1990 Pterasoul Dragon 3 Pterasoul Dragon Element Soul Element Dark Element Electric Element Wind Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1991 Phantom Extractor Dragon 3 Phantom Extractor Dragon Element Pure Element Soul Element Dark Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1992 File:Spiked Leatherback Dragon 3.png Spiked Leatherback Dragon Element Pure Element Legend Element Light Element Time Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1993 Asteroid Dragon 3 Asteroid Dragon Element Primal Element Flame Element War Element Light Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1994 File:Mosasire Dragon 3.png Mosasire Dragon Element Chaos Element Sea Element Ice Element Pure Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1995 File:Haunted Knight Dragon 3.png Haunted Knight Dragon Element Primal Element War Element Flame Element Time Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1996 File:Lucid Ally Dragon 3.png Lucid Ally Dragon Element Dream Element Nature Element Metal Element Legend Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1997 Found Family Dragon 3 Found Family Dragon Element Pure Element Terra Element Legend Element Beauty Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1998 File:Beaked Extractor Dragon 3.png Beaked Extractor Dragon Element Wind Element Soul Element Ice Element Sea Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1999 File:High Sparkle Dragon 3.png High Sparkle Dragon Element Soul Element Legend Element Electric Element Sea Heroic SourceSpecific Time
2000 Monument Dragon 3 Monument Dragon Element Legend Element Sea Element Metal Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time