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This lists the dragons in the Dragon Book numbered 1801 to 1900. To view other numbers, refer to the main Dragon Book page.

Dragons 1801 - 1900[]

# Picture Name Elements Rarity Source
1801 Summon Dragon 3 Summon Dragon Element Soul Element Pure Element Sea Element Ice Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1802 Tree of Life Dragon 3 Tree of Life Dragon Element Nature Element Terra Element Dark Element Pure Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1803 Empower Dragon 3 Empower Dragon Element Pure Element Metal Element Flame Element Light Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1804 Recall Dragon 3 Recall Dragon Element Light Element Dark Element War Element Electric Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1805 Cupid Dragon 3 Cupid Dragon Element Happy Element Nature Element Flame Element Pure Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1806 Guardian Angel Dragon 3 Guardian Angel Dragon Element War Element Metal Element Sea Element Wind Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1807 Seraphim Dragon 3 Seraphim Dragon Element Wind Element Light Element Soul Element Primal Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1808 4eva Dragon 3 4eva Dragon Element Flame Element Dark Element Time Element Dream Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1809 Incinerate Eternal Dragon 3 Incinerate Eternal Dragon Element Dark Element Flame Element Legend Element Light Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1810 Avalanche Eternal Dragon 3 Avalanche Eternal Dragon Element Time Element Ice Element Primal Element Electric Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1811 Rainbow Onesie Dragon 3 Rainbow Onesie Dragon Element Beauty Element Legend Element Flame Element Time Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1812 High Heroic Dragon 3 High Heroic Dragon Element Primal Element Ice Element Legend Element Time Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1813 Rabid Dragon 3 Rabid Dragon Element Metal Element Primal Element Chaos Element Electric Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1814 Statuschaser Dragon 3 Statuschaser Dragon Element Legend Element Electric Element Terra Element Happy Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1815 High Ascended Supreme Dragon 3 High Ascended Supreme Dragon Element Dream Element Wind Element Legend Element Dark Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1816 Puffin Dragon 3 Puffin Dragon Element Soul Element Wind Element Ice Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1817 Piranha Dragon 3 Piranha Dragon Element Sea Element Electric Element Metal Element War Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1818 Porpoise Dragon 3 Porpoise Dragon Element Magic Element Ice Element Pure Element Sea Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1819 Pufferfish Dragon 3 Pufferfish Dragon Element Wind Element Light Element Terra Element Chaos Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1820 Arcana Tower Dragon 3 Arcana Tower Dragon Element Terra Element Flame Element Magic Element Primal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1821 Ivy Eternal Dragon 3 Ivy Eternal Dragon Element Nature Element War Element Happy Element Terra Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1822 Haunted Dragon 3 Haunted Dragon Element Chaos Element Flame Element Dark Element Soul Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1823 Kanga Dragon 3 Kanga Dragon Element Primal Element Flame Element Dark Element Beauty Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1824 Koala Dragon 3 Koala Dragon Element Metal Element Terra Element Ice Element Chaos Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1825 Devil Dragon 3 Devil Dragon Element Nature Element War Element Legend Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1826 Platypus Dragon 3 Platypus Dragon Element Electric Element Dream Element Time Element Dark Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1827 High Nest Dragon 3 High Nest Dragon Element Pure Element Legend Element Wind Element Beauty Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1828 Eggsodus Dragon 3 Eggsodus Dragon Element Primal Element Pure Element Nature Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1829 Eggsile Dragon 3 Eggsile Dragon Element Wind Element War Element Metal Element Electric Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1830 Arcana Hermit Dragon 3 Arcana Hermit Dragon Element Nature Element Pure Element Beauty Element Terra Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1831 Bloom Dragon 3 Bloom Dragon Element Wind Element Light Element Soul Element Terra Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1832 Undergrowth Dragon 3 Undergrowth Dragon Element Terra Element Ice Element Happy Element Legend Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1833 Hibernation Dragon 3 Hibernation Dragon Element Primal Element Beauty Element Electric Element Pure Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1834 Hailstone Dragon 3 Hailstone Dragon Element Ice Element Sea Element Magic Element Pure Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1835 Empire Wasteland Dragon 3 Empire Wasteland Dragon Element Legend Element Light Element War Element Magic Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1836 Avant-Garde Dragon 3 Avant-Garde Dragon Element Wind Element Terra Element Happy Element Metal Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1837 Silhouette Dragon 3 Silhouette Dragon Element Light Element Flame Element Electric Element Happy Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1838 Sharp Poise Dragon 3 Sharp Poise Dragon Element War Element Time Element Chaos Element Soul Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1839 Hoarder Eternal Dragon 3 Hoarder Eternal Dragon Element Soul Element Dark Element Primal Element Wind Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1840 High Redemption Norn Dragon 3 High Redemption Norn Dragon Element Dream Element Ice Element Chaos Element Wind Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1841 High Cinco Dragon 3 High Cinco Dragon Element Happy Element Ice Element Beauty Element War Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1842 Puebla Dragon 3 Puebla Dragon Element Time Element Primal Element Metal Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1843 Chaos Dragon 3 Chaos Dragon Element Chaos Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1844 Planpain Dragon 3 Planpain Dragon Element Soul Element Legend Element Beauty Element Sea Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1845 Emperor Penguin Dragon 3 Emperor Penguin Dragon Element Magic Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1846 Bigcake Dragon 3 Bigcake Dragon Element Time Element Chaos Element Primal Element Dream Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1847 Ether Cube Dragon 3 Ether Cube Dragon Element Dream Element Ice Element Wind Element Happy Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1848 Arcana Chariot Dragon 3 Arcana Chariot Dragon Element War Element Ice Element Primal Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1849 Soul Dragon 3 Soul Dragon Element Soul Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1850 Almaighty Dragon 3 Almaighty Dragon Element Dream Element Soul Element Primal Element Legend Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1851 Psyche Dragon 3 Psyche Dragon Element Beauty Element Soul Element Chaos Element Sea Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1852 Empty Dragon 3 Empty Dragon Element Time Element Chaos Element Magic Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1853 Phoenix Eternal Dragon 3 Phoenix Eternal Dragon Element Wind Element Time Element Dream Element Chaos Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1854 High Destiny Dragon 3 High Destiny Dragon Element Time Element Beauty Element Primal Element Ice Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1855 Happy Dragon 3 Happy Dragon Element Happy Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1856 Fateful Night Dragon 3 Fateful Night Dragon Element Chaos Element Dream Element Ice Element Beauty Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1857 Estival Dragon 3 Estival Dragon Element Beauty Element Dream Element Sea Element Primal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1858 Beautiful Dragon 3 Beautiful Dragon Element Beauty Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1859 Midsummer Dragon 3 Midsummer Dragon Element Dream Element Primal Element Sea Element War Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1860 Sacrifice Dragon 3 Sacrifice Dragon Element Chaos Element Ice Element Sea Element Electric Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1861 Dreamland Dragon 3 Dreamland Dragon Element Dream Legendary SourceSpecific TimeSourceDragon Rescue
1862 Utopia Dragon 3 Utopia Dragon Element Beauty Element Sea Element Primal Element War Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1863 Culture Dragon 3 Culture Dragon Element Happy Element Nature Element Flame Element Ice Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1864 Wealth Dragon 3 Wealth Dragon Element Time Element Primal Element Terra Element Light Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1865 Statignite Dragon 3 Statignite Dragon Element Electric Element Flame Element Pure Element Magic Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1866 KallMeKris Dragon 3 KallMeKris Dragon Element Pure Element Legend Element Dark Element Electric Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1867 Arcana Fool Dragon 3 Arcana Fool Dragon Element Magic Element Metal Element Sea Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1868 Angelic Eternal Dragon 3 Angelic Eternal Dragon Element Light Element Time Element Primal Element Sea Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1869 Destroyer Eternal Dragon 3 Destroyer Eternal Dragon Element Chaos Element War Element Sea Element Soul Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1870 High Scale Dragon 3 High Scale Dragon Element Chaos Element Primal Element Time Element War Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1871 Abracadabra Dragon 3 Abracadabra Dragon Element Soul Element Happy Element Ice Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1872 Alakazam Dragon 3 Alakazam Dragon Element Magic Element Chaos Element Time Element Sea Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1873 Drag-On Dragon 3 Drag-On Dragon Element Happy Element Beauty Element Ice Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1874 Arcana Death Dragon 3 Arcana Death Dragon Element Dark Element Soul Element War Element Electric Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1875 WaterMelee Dragon 3 WaterMelee Dragon Element Pure Element War Element Magic Element Soul Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1876 File:DragiFruit Dragon 3.png DragiFruit Dragon Element Magic Element Beauty Element Legend Element Dream Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1877 Toxiberry Dragon 3 Toxiberry Dragon Element Soul Element Ice Element Sea Element Dream Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1878 Pineappower Dragon 3 Pineappower Dragon Element Happy Element Sea Element Chaos Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1879 Seratonic Dragon 3 Seratonic Dragon Element Happy Element Metal Element Dream Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1880 No entry for this number
1881 Midnight Dragon 3 Midnight Dragon Element Time Element Light Element Terra Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1882 Altered Plasma Dragon 3 Altered Plasma Dragon Element Primal Element Wind Element Dream Element Chaos Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1883 High Void Eternal Dragon 3 High Void Eternal Dragon Element Legend Element Terra Element Time Element Flame Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1884 Elation Dragon 3 Elation Dragon Element Happy Element Soul Element Beauty Element Electric Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1885 High Siren Dragon 3 High Siren Dragon Element Beauty Element Sea Element Time Element Chaos Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1886 Odysseus Dragon 3 Odysseus Dragon Element Dream Element War Element Terra Element Happy Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1887 Kurtis Dragon 3 Kurtis Dragon Element Happy Element Light Element Beauty Element Wind Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1888 El Tiro Titanium Dragon 3 El Tiro Titanium Dragon Element Metal Element Legend Element Electric Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1889 Fuego Fighter Dragon 3 Fuego Fighter Dragon Element Flame Element Terra Element Nature Element Magic Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1890 Calacrobatic Dragon 3 Calacrobatic Dragon Element Light Element Time Element Pure Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1891 Quantum Phasing Dragon 3 Quantum Phasing Dragon Element Metal Element Happy Element Electric Element Beauty Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1892 Spore Plasma Dragon 3 Spore Plasma Dragon Element Time Element Happy Element Light Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1893 Duo-Dino Dragon 3 Duo-Dino Dragon Element Terra Element Terra Element Primal Element Soul Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1894 Etheray Dragon 3 Etheray Dragon Element Wind Element Pure Element Electric Element Happy Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1895 Duo-Delicate Dragon 3 Duo-Delicate Dragon Element Sea Element Sea Element Beauty Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1896 Duo-Discharge Dragon 3 Duo-Discharge Dragon Element Electric Element Electric Element Pure Element Beauty Mythical SourceSpecific Time
1897 High Seismic Dragon 3 High Seismic Dragon Element Terra Element Nature Element Happy Element Metal Heroic SourceSpecific Time
1898 Duo-Decade Dragon 3 Duo-Decade Dragon Element Flame Element Flame Element Time Element Magic Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1899 Quantum Gravity Dragon 3 Quantum Gravity Dragon Element Terra Element Dream Element Primal Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
1900 Duo-Disarm Dragon 3 Duo-Disarm Dragon Element War Element War Element Magic Element Ice Legendary SourceSpecific Time

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