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This lists the dragons in the Dragon Book numbered 701 to 800. To view other numbers, refer to the main Dragon Book page

Dragons 0701 - 0800[]

# Picture Name Elements Rarity Source
0701 Elephant Dragon 3 Elephant Dragon Element Pure Element Dark Element Nature Element Sea Epic SourceSpecific Time
0702 File:Pure Gold Dragon 3.png Pure Gold Dragon Element Pure Element Metal Element Light Element Dark Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0703 Power Dragon 3 Power Dragon Element Flame Element Sea Very Rare SourceBreeding
0704 Atomic Dragon 3 Atomic Dragon Element Light Element Electric Element Ice Epic SourceSpecific Time
0705 Mighty Dragon 3 Mighty Dragon Element Legend Element Metal Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0706 Ice King Dragon 3 Ice King Dragon Element Pure Element Metal Element Ice Element Sea Legendary SourceDragon Collection
0707 Striking Dragon 3 Striking Dragon Element Pure Element Light Element Nature Element Sea Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0708 Blizzking Dragon 3 Blizzking Dragon Element Light Element Ice Element Metal Element Electric Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0709 Hunter Dragon 3 Hunter Dragon Element Legend Element Nature Legendary SourceShopSourceSpecific Time
0710 High Octane Dragon 3 High Octane Dragon Element Metal Element Flame Element Dark Element Sea Heroic SourceSpecific Time
0711 Spiderknight Dragon 3 Spiderknight Dragon Element Ice Element Metal Element Dark Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0712 Conjurer Dragon 3 Conjurer Dragon Element Pure Element Terra Element Dark Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0713 Mastery Dragon 3 Mastery Dragon Element Legend Element Flame Element Sea Element Terra Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0714 Pursuer Dragon 3 Pursuer Dragon Element Dark Element Electric Element Sea Element Metal Epic SourceSpecific Time
0715 Sky King Dragon 3 Sky King Dragon Element War Element Ice Element Electric Element Sea Epic SourceSpecific Time
0716 File:Skull Dragon 3.png Skull Dragon Element Flame Element Dark Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0717 Iceling Dragon 3 Iceling Dragon Element War Element Dark Element Ice Element Sea Very Rare SourceSpecific Time
0718 Frightening Dragon 3 Frightening Dragon Element Dark Element Light Element Metal Element Ice Epic SourceSpecific Time
0719 File:Pungent Dragon 3.png Pungent Dragon Element Pure Element Dark Element Flame Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0720 Elusive Dragon 3 Elusive Dragon Element Legend Element Light Element Dark Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0721 Goofy Dragon 3 Goofy Dragon Element Pure Element Light Element Electric Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0722 Pigheaded Dragon 3 Pigheaded Dragon Element Electric Element Nature Element Dark Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0723 High Tech Dragon 3 High Tech Dragon Element Metal Element Light Element Electric Element Flame Heroic SourceSpecific Time
0724 Kyuubi Dragon 3 Kyuubi Dragon Element Pure Element Light Element Electric Epic SourceSpecific Time
0725 Bjorn Dragon 3 Bjorn Dragon Element Terra Element Nature Common SourcePVP Arena Promotion
0726 Katsumoto Dragon 3 Katsumoto Dragon Element Flame Element Sea Rare SourcePVP Arena Promotion
0727 Lancelot Dragon 3 Lancelot Dragon Element Sea Element Nature Rare SourcePVP Arena Promotion
0728 Fury Dragon 3 Fury Dragon Element Nature Element Electric Element Sea Rare SourcePVP Arena Promotion
0729 Mighty Mantis Dragon 3 Mighty Mantis Dragon Element Electric Element Ice Element Nature Rare SourcePVP Arena Promotion
0730 Gladiator Dragon 3 Gladiator Dragon Element Legend Element War Element Metal Legendary SourceDragon Collection
0731 Augmented Dragon 3 Augmented Dragon Element Dark Element Metal Element Electric Very Rare SourceSpecific Time
0732 Aquaking Dragon 3 Aquaking Dragon Element Light Element Metal Element Sea Epic SourceSpecific Time
0733 File:Vigilante Dragon 3.png Vigilante Dragon Element Legend Element Dark Element Metal Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0734 Vulpine Dragon 3 Vulpine Dragon Element Light Element Electric Element Pure Element Ice Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0735 Defender Dragon 3 Defender Dragon Element Legend Element Light Element War Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0736 Yin Dragon 3 Yin Dragon Element Legend Element Dark Element Ice Element Terra Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0737 Yang Dragon 3 Yang Dragon Element Legend Element Light Element Flame Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0738 Bull Dragon 3 Bull Dragon Element Flame Element Terra Element Dark Element Pure Epic SourceSpecific Time
0739 Luminaire Dragon 3 Luminaire Dragon Element Legend Element Light Element Electric Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0740 Origin Dragon 3 Origin Dragon Element Legend Element Light Element Electric Element Soul Legendary SourceDragon Collection
0741 Clarity Dragon 3 Clarity Dragon Element Pure Element Terra Common SourceSpecific Time
0742 Reason Dragon 3 Reason Dragon Element Pure Element Flame Element War Rare SourceSpecific Time
0743 Virtue Dragon 3 Virtue Dragon Element Pure Element Nature Element Sea Element Ice Very Rare SourceSpecific Time
0744 Empathy Dragon 3 Empathy Dragon Element Pure Element Electric Element Light Element Dark Epic SourceSpecific Time
0745 Loyalty Dragon 3 Loyalty Dragon Element Pure Element Legend Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0746 Frostling Dragon 3 Frostling Dragon Element Ice Element Metal Element Dark Epic SourcePVP Arena Promotion
0747 High Snow Dragon 3 High Snow Dragon Element Pure Element Ice Element Nature Element War Heroic SourceSpecific Time
0748 Peevish Dragon 3 Peevish Dragon Element Dark Element Electric Element War Epic SourceSpecific Time
0749 Wandering Dragon 3 Wandering Dragon Element Light Element Sea Element Nature Rare SourceSpecific Time
0750 Permafrost Dragon 3 Permafrost Dragon Element Ice Element Dark Element Sea Epic SourceSpecific Time
0751 Rook Dragon 3 Rook Dragon Element Terra Element Dark Element Nature Very Rare SourceSpecific Time
0752 Cubic Dragon 3 Cubic Dragon Element Metal Element Sea Element Nature Epic SourceSpecific Time
0753 Strange Dragon 3 Strange Dragon Element Legend Element Metal Element Light Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0754 File:Charged Dragon 3.png Charged Dragon Element Electric Element Metal Element Dark Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0755 Infinity Dragon 3 Infinity Dragon Element Legend Element Light Element Dark Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0756 Burglar Dragon 3 Burglar Dragon Element Legend Element Dark Element Terra Element Electric Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0757 Camouflaged Dragon 3 Camouflaged Dragon Element Nature Element Pure Element Terra Epic SourceSpecific Time
0758 Arsonist Dragon 3 Arsonist Dragon Element Legend Element Dark Element War Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0759 Loch Dragon 3 Loch Dragon Element Terra Element Sea Element Light Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0760 Farm Dragon 3 Farm Dragon Element Nature Element Terra Element Pure Epic SourceSpecific Time
0761 Pixel Dragon 3 Pixel Dragon Element Legend Element Dark Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0762 File:Doom Dragon 3.png Doom Dragon Element Legend Element Flame Element Dark Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0763 High Portal Dragon 3 High Portal Dragon Element Nature Element Dark Element Flame Element Legend Heroic SourceSpecific Time
0764 Wax Dragon 3 Wax Dragon Element Legend Element Flame Element Terra Element Pure Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0765 Everest Dragon 3 Everest Dragon Element Ice Element Terra Element Legend Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0766 Fire&Ice Dragon 3 Fire&Ice Dragon Element Legend Element Flame Element Ice Epic SourceSpecific Time
0767 Melted Dragon 3 Melted Dragon Element Sea Element Ice Element Flame Epic SourceSpecific Time
0768 Nitrogen Dragon 3 Nitrogen Dragon Element Ice Element Metal Element Pure Epic SourceSpecific Time
0769 Ice Bullet Dragon 3 Ice Bullet Dragon Element Ice Element Flame Element War Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0770 Night Forest Dragon 3 Night Forest Dragon Element Light Element Dark Element Nature Epic SourceSpecific Time
0771 Holy Dragon 3 Holy Dragon Element Legend Element Light Element Electric Element Nature Legendary SourcePVP ArenaSourceSpecific Time
0772 Desmuk Dragon 3 Desmuk Dragon Element Terra Element Nature Element Light Epic SourcePVP ArenaSourceSpecific Time
0773 Boulder Dragon 3 Boulder Dragon Element Terra Element War Element Light Legendary SourcePVP Arena
0774 Kitsune Dragon 3 Kitsune Dragon Element Flame Element Legend Element Dark Legendary SourcePVP Arena
0775 Anemone Dragon 3 Anemone Dragon Element Sea Element Flame Element Dark Legendary SourcePVP Arena
0776 Snapper Dragon 3 Snapper Dragon Element Nature Element Dark Element Light Element Sea Legendary SourcePVP Arena
0777 File:Timeless Dragon 3.png Timeless Dragon Element Electric Element Light Element Dark Element Metal Legendary SourcePVP Arena
0778 Iced Sea Dragon 3 Iced Sea Dragon Element Ice Element Light Element Sea Legendary SourcePVP Arena
0779 Battler Dragon 3 Battler Dragon Element Metal Element Ice Element War Legendary SourcePVP Arena
0780 Ironscales Dragon 3 Ironscales Dragon Element Metal Element Dark Element Light Epic SourcePVP Arena Promotion
0781 King Ragnar Dragon 3 King Ragnar Dragon Element Dark Element War Element Light Epic SourcePVP Arena Promotion
0782 Emperor Dragon 3 Emperor Dragon Element Light Element Metal Element Pure Element Dark Epic SourcePVP Arena Promotion
0783 Dumpling Dragon 3 Dumpling Dragon Element Nature Element Legend Element Pure Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0784 Pine Dragon 3 Pine Dragon Element Legend Element Nature Element Ice Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0785 High Celestial Dragon 3 High Celestial Dragon Element Pure Element Legend Element Light Element Terra Heroic SourceSpecific Time
0786 Shamanny Dragon 3 Shamanny Dragon Element Legend Element Flame Element Dark Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0787 Dogkun Dragon 3 Dogkun Dragon Element Terra Element Light Element Pure Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0788 Catkun Dragon 3 Catkun Dragon Element Ice Element Dark Element Pure Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0789 Soap Bubble Dragon 3 Soap Bubble Dragon Element Legend Element Sea Element Pure Element Light Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0790 Gear Dragon 3 Gear Dragon Element Metal Element Electric Rare SourceSpecific Time
0791 Kernel Dragon 3 Kernel Dragon Element Dark Element Electric Element Pure Very Rare SourceSpecific Time
0792 Piston Dragon 3 Piston Dragon Element War Element Metal Element Flame Epic SourceSpecific Time
0793 File:Turbo Dragon 3.png Turbo Dragon Element Legend Element Electric Element Metal Element Flame Legendary SourceBreedingSourceSpecific Time
0794 Inky Dragon 3 Inky Dragon Element Dark Element War Element Sea Legendary SourcePVP Arena
0795 File:Fiery Dragon 3.png Fiery Dragon Element War Element Metal Element Ice Element Dark Legendary SourceDragon Collection
0796 File:Movie Fanatic Dragon 3.png Movie Fanatic Dragon Element Electric Element Metal Element Dark Element War Legendary SourceBreedingSourceSpecific Time
0797 Outcry Dragon 3 Outcry Dragon Element War Element Dark Element Sea Element Ice Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0798 Destiny Dragon 3 Destiny Dragon Element Primal Element Ice Common SourceBreedingSourceAlliance Chest
0799 Hard-headed Dragon 3 Hard-headed Dragon Element Primal Element Terra Rare SourceBreedingSourceAlliance Chest
0800 Fuming Dragon 3 Fuming Dragon Element Primal Element Flame Very Rare SourceBreedingSourceAlliance Chest

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