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This lists the dragons in the Dragon Book numbered 601 to 700. To view other numbers, refer to the main Dragon Book page

Dragons 0601 - 0700[]

# Picture Name Elements Rarity Source
0601 Disco Ninja Dragon 3 Disco Ninja Dragon Element Metal Element Electric Element Nature Very Rare SourceSpecific Time
0602 Cereal Killer Dragon 3 Cereal Killer Dragon Element Metal Element Dark Element Flame Very Rare SourceSpecific Time
0603 Millennial Dragon 3 Millennial Dragon Element Light Element Dark Element Pure Epic SourceSpecific Time
0604 High Comet Dragon 3 High Comet Dragon Element Legend Element Light Element Ice Element Flame Heroic SourceSpecific Time
0605 Poisonous Dragon 3 Poisonous Dragon Element Pure Element Nature Element War Element Dark Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0606 Drace Dragon 3 Drace Dragon Element Nature Element Ice Common SourceShopSourceSpecific Time
0607 Mwahaha Dragon 3 Mwahaha Dragon Element Ice Element Dark Rare SourceSpecific Time
0608 Dark Cave Dragon 3 Dark Cave Dragon Element Ice Element Terra Element Nature Very Rare SourceDragon Collection
0609 Lightspeed Dragon 3 Lightspeed Dragon Element Legend Legendary SourceBreedingSourceShop
0610 Massif Dragon 3 Massif Dragon Element Legend Element Ice Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0611 Icewind Dragon 3 Icewind Dragon Element Ice Element Sea Element Electric Epic SourceSpecific Time
0612 Drathic Dragon 3 Drathic Dragon Element Legend Legendary SourceBreedingSourceShop
0613 Penumbra Dragon 3 Penumbra Dragon Element Legend Legendary SourceBreedingSourceShop
0614 Patriot General Dragon 3 Patriot General Dragon Element Flame Element Terra Element Dark Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0615 High Realm Dragon 3 High Realm Dragon Element War Element Dark Element Light Element Metal Heroic SourceSpecific Time
0616 Tin Woodman Dragon 3 Tin Woodman Dragon Element Legend Legendary SourceShopSourceSpecific Time
0617 Scarecrow Dragon 3 Scarecrow Dragon Element Dark Element War Element Terra Epic SourceShopSourceSpecific Time
0618 Dorothy Dragon 3 Dorothy Dragon Element Sea Element Electric Element Light Rare SourceSpecific Time
0619 Cowardly Dragon 3 Cowardly Dragon Element Metal Element Dark Element Nature Very Rare SourcePVP ArenaSourceSpecific Time
0620 Witch Dragon 3 Witch Dragon Element Dark Element War Element Terra Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0621 Royal Phoenix Dragon 3 Royal Phoenix Dragon Element Pure Element Light Element War Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0622 Valentine Dragon 3 Valentine Dragon Element Legend Legendary SourceBreedingSourceShop
0623 High Entity Dragon 3 High Entity Dragon Element Pure Element Nature Element Sea Element Flame Heroic SourceSpecific Time
0624 Deathly Dragon 3 Deathly Dragon Element Dark Element Metal Rare SourceSpecific Time
0625 Hunger Dragon 3 Hunger Dragon Element Ice Element Pure Very Rare SourceSpecific Time
0626 Conquest Dragon 3 Conquest Dragon Element Light Element Metal Element Terra Epic SourceSpecific Time
0627 Warfare Dragon 3 Warfare Dragon Element Legend Element War Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0628 Kong Dragon 3 Kong Dragon Element War Element Dark Element Nature Epic SourceSpecific Time
0629 Geist Dragon 3 Geist Dragon Element Pure Element Dark Element Flame Element Terra Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0630 Beauty Dragon 3 Beauty Dragon Element Light Element Nature Element Terra Epic SourceSpecific Time
0631 Furious Dragon 3 Furious Dragon Element Pure Element Nature Element Dark Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0632 One Horned Dragon 3 One Horned Dragon Element Pure Element Terra Element Nature Epic SourceSpecific Time
0633 High Supremacy Dragon 3 High Supremacy Dragon Element War Element Flame Element Terra Element Sea Heroic SourceSpecific Time
0634 Freezox Dragon 3 Freezox Dragon Element Ice Element Dark Element Electric Rare SourceSpecific Time
0635 Pyrex Dragon 3 Pyrex Dragon Element Metal Element Flame Element Electric Very Rare SourceSpecific Time
0636 Voltaix Dragon 3 Voltaix Dragon Element Metal Element Electric Element Terra Epic SourceSpecific Time
0637 Poisonux Dragon 3 Poisonux Dragon Element Legend Legendary SourceShopSourceSpecific Time
0638 Demonic Dragon 3 Demonic Dragon Element Terra Element Flame Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0639 Teacher Dragon 3 Teacher Dragon Element Terra Element Nature Element Light Epic SourceSpecific Time
0640 W2S Dragon 3 W2S Dragon Element Terra Element War Element Flame Epic SourceShopSourceSpecific Time
0641 Callux Dragon 3 Callux Dragon Element Terra Element Dark Element Electric Epic SourceSpecific Time
0642 File:Egg Hunter Dragon 3.png Egg Hunter Dragon Element Nature Element Light Element Happy Legendary SourceDragon Collection
0643 Seducing Dragon 3 Seducing Dragon Element Legend Element Dark Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0644 Challenge Dragon 3 Challenge Dragon Element Terra Element Dark Element War Epic SourceSpecific Time
0645 Scheme Dragon 3 Scheme Dragon Element Terra Element Pure Element Light Epic SourceSpecific Time
0646 Archaic Dragon 3 Archaic Dragon Element Dark Element Terra Element Nature Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0647 Machinery Dragon 3 Machinery Dragon Element Metal Element Dark Element War Element Pure Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0648 High Spirits Dragon 3 High Spirits Dragon Element Pure Element Nature Element Light Element Terra Heroic SourceSpecific Time
0649 Electrostatic Dragon 3 Electrostatic Dragon Element Metal Element Electric Element Light Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0650 Alien Lurker Dragon 3 Alien Lurker Dragon Element Light Element Metal Element Pure Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0651 Child Forever Dragon 3 Child Forever Dragon Element Flame Element Metal Element Dark Epic SourceSpecific Time
0652 Succuby Dragon 3 Succuby Dragon Element Dark Element Nature Element Pure Rare SourceSpecific Time
0653 Glutty Dragon 3 Glutty Dragon Element War Element Dark Element Flame Epic SourceSpecific Time
0654 Cerbery Dragon 3 Cerbery Dragon Element Electric Element Flame Element Terra Very Rare SourceSpecific Time
0655 Satanny Dragon 3 Satanny Dragon Element Legend Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0656 Draek Dragon 3 Draek Dragon Element War Element Dark Element Terra Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0657 Betrayer Dragon 3 Betrayer Dragon Element Dark Element War Element Light Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0658 Mongrel Dragon 3 Mongrel Dragon Element Light Element Metal Element Pure Epic SourceSpecific Time
0659 High Fighter Dragon 3 High Fighter Dragon Element Dark Element Flame Element War Element Electric Heroic SourceSpecific Time
0660 Hoodini Dragon 3 Hoodini Dragon Element Legend Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0661 Viktor Dragon 3 Viktor Dragon Element Pure Element Terra Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0662 Silly Dragon 3 Silly Dragon Element Dark Element Metal Element Flame Epic SourceSpecific Time
0663 Franky Dragon 3 Franky Dragon Element Legend Legendary SourceBreedingSourceShop
0664 Drato Dragon 3 Drato Dragon Element Electric Element Nature Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0665 File:Hound Dragon 3.png Hound Dragon Element Dark Element War Element Metal Element Electric Legendary SourceDragon Collection
0666 Maori Dragon 3 Maori Dragon Element Light Element War Element Sea Element Ice Legendary SourceDragon Collection
0667 Sandcastle Dragon 3 Sandcastle Dragon Element Flame Element Sea Element Dark Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0668 Demon Viper Dragon 3 Demon Viper Dragon Element Dark Element Metal Element Electric Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0669 Nineties Dragon 3 Nineties Dragon Element Ice Element Electric Element Sea Very Rare SourceSpecific Time
0670 Useful Dragon 3 Useful Dragon Element Metal Element Sea Element Pure Epic SourceSpecific Time
0671 Childish Dragon 3 Childish Dragon Element Light Element Pure Element Electric Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0672 Arzur Dragon 3 Arzur Dragon Element War Element Metal Element Light Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0673 Dragem Dragon 3 Dragem Dragon Element Pure Element Ice Element Terra Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0674 Summerfly Dragon 3 Summerfly Dragon Element Nature Element Flame Rare SourceBreeding Sanctuary
0675 File:Ra Dragon 3.png Ra Dragon Element Legend Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0676 File:Tornado Dragon 3.png Tornado Dragon Element Pure Element War Element Nature Legendary SourceDragon Collection
0677 Viktoria Dragon 3 Viktoria Dragon Element Pure Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0678 High Star Dragon 3 High Star Dragon Element Legend Element Electric Element Terra Element Metal Heroic SourceSpecific Time
0679 File:Dwelling Dragon 3.png Dwelling Dragon Element Pure Element Ice Element Terra Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0680 Berserk Dragon 3 Berserk Dragon Element War Element Flame Element Terra Epic SourceSpecific Time
0681 Draluxe Dragon 3 Draluxe Dragon Element Light Element Metal Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0682 Wilderbeast Dragon 3 Wilderbeast Dragon Element Dark Element Metal Element Ice Very Rare SourceSpecific Time
0683 Charging Dragon 3 Charging Dragon Element Light Element Electric Element Sea Epic SourceSpecific Time
0684 Norse Dragon 3 Norse Dragon Element Legend Legendary SourceBreedingSourceShop
0685 Hayabusa Dragon 3 Hayabusa Dragon Element Legend Element Metal Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0686 Chubby Dragon 3 Chubby Dragon Element Ice Element Sea Element Light Epic SourceSpecific Time
0687 File:Experimental Dragon 3.png Experimental Dragon Element Legend Element Terra Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0688 High Queen Dragon 3 High Queen Dragon Element War Element Dark Element Metal Element Ice Heroic SourceSpecific Time
0689 Dracon Dragon 3 Dracon Dragon Element Pure Element Light Element Electric Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0690 Ocean Lord Dragon 3 Ocean Lord Dragon Element Light Element Metal Element Ice Element Sea Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0691 Headstrong Dragon 3 Headstrong Dragon Element War Element Metal Rare SourceBreeding
0692 Wingspan Dragon 3 Wingspan Dragon Element Light Element Electric Element Nature Very Rare SourceSpecific Time
0693 Tailwind Dragon 3 Tailwind Dragon Element Metal Element Ice Element Nature Epic SourceSpecific Time
0694 Ironheart Dragon 3 Ironheart Dragon Element Legend Element Metal Element Flame Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0695 File:Fiend Dragon 3.png Fiend Dragon Element Dark Element Electric Element Metal Element Ice Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0696 Dreamy Dragon 3 Dreamy Dragon Element Pure Element Light Element Dark Epic SourceSpecific Time
0697 High Purity Dragon 3 High Purity Dragon Element Pure Element Ice Element Metal Element Dark Heroic SourceSpecific Time
0698 Blade Dragon 3 Blade Dragon Element Legend Element Metal Element War Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0699 Flora Dragon 3 Flora Dragon Element Legend Element Terra Element Nature Legendary SourceSpecific Time
0700 Stinger Dragon 3 Stinger Dragon Element Metal Element War Element Electric Epic SourceSpecific Time

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