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Cosmo Dragon m3
Name: Cosmo DragonHabitat: Round TerraRound ElectricHabitat Lv: 1
Type: ExclusiveShop Lv: 6Shop: N/A
Hatch: 30000 Xp templateSell: 100000 Gold Bar IconBreeding: N/A
Hatching: 16 hCategory: 4Generation: EX


Cosmo Dragon 0 Cosmo Dragon 1 Cosmo Dragon 2 Cosmo Dragon 3
Egg Baby Young Adult


Stadium and Training 1
Lv Attack Base Time Train Attack Base
4 Round Physical Flying Kick 413 1 day Round Physical Hammer Fist 900
4 Round Terra Meteor Shower 650 1 day Round Terra Asteroid 1200
8 Round Physical Stunning Hit 638 2 days Round Physical Deus Sword 1125
15 Round Electric Electric Shock 1050 1 day Round Electric Electro Ball 1200

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Raise your head and look to the sky on a clear night to watch the incredible Cosmo Dragon fly. Created by star dust and earth sand, his skin reminds to the night and his wings to the universe greatness.


  • The Cosmo Dragon was added on 20 Dec., 2013 as the Premium Box Dragon in the Winter Calendar for 95 Gem template.
  • When a baby it looks like the Scrooge Dragon and Dark Elf Dragon.
  • This dragon was offered for the 2nd time on the Winter Calendar on 02 Jan, 2014 for 95 Gem template.
  • Available day 5 of the Academic Calendar on 14 Sep 2015.

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