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Cosmic Incineration
Cosmic Incineration Animation
Element Flame
Base Power 2500
Training time 12 hours

Cosmic Incineration is an exclusive special skill move for Cosmic Detonation Dragon. Its function is almost identical to Meteor Fall, Drowning Deluge, Hex-agony and Turbo Shock. except that Cosmic Incineration is a Flame attack, has a similar power as the Drowning Deluge, more powerful than Meteor Fall and Turbo Shock, but less powerful than Hex-agony. Plus it casts to hit 3 to 4 times (similar to Drowning Deluge) instead of 1 to 5 times (Meteor Fall), 3 to 4 times (Hex-agony), and 9 to 11 times (Turbo Shock). This attack base power is 2500 points.

Skill effect[]

Hits 3 to 4 times

Like Rock Throw or Meteor Fall, Hex-agony, Drowning Deluge and Turbo Shock, Cosmic Incineration is multi-hits skill. It can attack an opponent from 3 hit to 4 hits with random number. But the exception is that Cosmic Incineration is more powerful than Rock Throw or Meteor Fall and its element attack is Flame.