Elemental Interactions

The defending element is the first element listed for the dragon, the others are ignored. You focus on the primary element, and not on the other elements. To know their primary element, you go at its page and find the defending element. For example, the Cloud Dragon is listed as Round FlameRound Sea, making its defending element Flame, while the Blizzard Dragon is listed as Round SeaRound Flame, making its defending element Sea.

Defending Element Element Terra Element Flame Element Sea Element Nature Element Electric Element Ice Element Metal Element Dark Element Light Element War Element Pure Element Legend Element Primal Element Wind

Double Damage

Round MetalRound War Round SeaRound War Round NatureRound Electric Round FlameRound Ice Round TerraRound Light Round FlameRound Metal Round ElectricRound Dark Round TerraRound Light Round NatureRound Dark Round SeaRound Ice Round Primal Round Pure Round Legend Round Wind

Half Damage

Round ElectricRound Dark Round NatureRound Ice Round FlameRound War Round SeaRound Light Round SeaRound Metal Round NatureRound War Round TerraRound Ice Round Metal Round Electric Round TerraRound Flame Round Legend Round Primal Round Pure N/A

No Damage

Round Terra Round Flame Round Sea Round Nature Round Electric Round Ice Round Metal Round Dark Round Light Round War N/A N/A N/A N/A
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