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Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo Island

Type- Grid

Started- 4th May 2020

Ended- 11th May 2020

Duration- 7 Days

Dragons- 8


Aztec Emperor Dragon

La Muerta Dragon

Pinata Dragon

Grapple Dragon

Samba Dragon

Happiness Dragon

Fiesta Dragon

Alebrije Dragon*

  • Orbs of this dragon are scattered in the event.

Quickest Route[]

Taking this route, you can get Aztec Emperor , La Muerta , Pinata and Grapple for free.

Other Rewards[]

You can get Whacks in this event. The rewards in a Whack vary, from food, to grid coins, tokens and orbs of the new dragons (Pinata, Fiesta, Alebrije and Xolotl).