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Icon Name Action Tooltip Requires Gems
Christmas Sock Christmas Sock Get by collecting gold. Collect gold as it becomes available. 20 20
Holly Holly Get it by breeding dragons. Breed at the beginning, breed all the way through. 2 6
Christmas Turkey Christmas Turkey Get it by feeding your dragons. Feed your dragons! 16 16
Frozen Star Frozen Star Complete Quests Fight! 4 12
Candy Apple Candy Apple Get by Hatching in Hatchery ! Hatch Your Dragons! 2 6


King Solomon Dragon 3

Battle Map[]

# Dragon Critical Avoid
1 SeaTerra Monstruous NatureElectric FlameWarElectricFlame

2 TerraFlameSea Joseon MetalWar ElectricFlameNatureIceFlameWar
3 IceSeaWar Mystic Blizzard FlameMetal NatureWarFlameWarTerraDark
4 LightDark King Solomon NatureDark ElectricDarkMetalLight