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Icon Name Action Tooltip Requires Gems
Holly Holly Get it by breeding dragons. Breed at the beginning, breed all the way through. 3 9
Christmas Turkey Christmas Turkey Get it by feeding your dragons. Feed your dragons! 22 22
Frozen Star Frozen Star Complete Quests Fight! 6 18
Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Win leagues Defeat the Enemy! 4 12


Christreen Dragon 3

Battle Map[]

# Dragon Critical Avoid
1 Ice Ice FlameMetal NatureWar

2 WarSea Leviathan SeaIce TerraDarkFlameWar
3 FlameIceNatureElectric Mirage TerraSea NatureIceNatureWarSeaLightSeaMetal
4 DarkIceWar Dark Elf LightWar MetalLightNatureWarTerraDark
5 IceTerraNature Diamanté FlameMetal NatureWarElectricFlameSeaLight
6 NatureTerraLight Christreen FlameIce SeaLightElectricFlameElectricDark