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Rarity Common · Rare · Very Rare · Epic · Legendary · Mythical · Heroic
Type Elemental · Hybrid · Rare Hybrid · Legend · Exclusive
Element Terra · Flame · Sea · Nature · Electric · Ice · Metal · Dark · Light · War · Pure · Legend · Beauty · Ancient · Chaos · Magic · Dream · Soul · Happy · Primal · Wind · Time
Wind Dragons
Element Wind
Wind Blaze Poliwind Arctic Wind

Primary Elements[]

The key to maximum damage on an opponent dragon is its primary element (the first element). Choose your dragon to have its primary element immune or resistant to the opponent dragon's elements, and your dragon's secondary element supplying attacks that are critical to the opponent's primary element.

High (2x) Low (0.5x) No Effect
Wind Wind Attacks Time Legend
Defending Wind Pure Time

Secondary Elements[]

A dragon's Secondary Element has no effect on battle damage. Secondary(/Tertiary) Elements enable a Dragon to have alternate attacks. This is why Rare Hybrids are valuable in battles -- they allow the Rare Hybrid to be immune to an Element and to be able to deliver critical damage at the same time.


  • The Wind element originally dealt strong damage against Wind . Now this element has been re-designated to wind attacks, which are weak against Legend Hybrids. After the Time Element was introduced, Wind became strong against Time Hybrids and weak against Pure Hybrids.


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