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Specials are unique buildings that you can only have one of each and that each have their own ways to improve your game, note that some require friend help to build.

Building Level required Friend Help Cost Earnings Effect
Recruitment Tavern Icon Recruitment Tavern 1 N/A 1,000Bar template.png 1,000Xp template.png Invite friends for free dragons
Dragon Market Icon Dragon Market 1 N/A 1,000Bar template.png 1,000Xp template.png Awards food or gold every 12h
Stadium Icon Stadium 10 3 friends 25,000 Bar template.png 25,000Xp template.png Compete in tournaments for gold and gems
Kindergarten Icon Kindergarten
Can have up to 5.
13 5 friends
(N/A on mobile)
Varies, starting at 100 Gem.png 30,000Xp template.png Place any 5 dragons in each one.
Training Center Training Center


N/A 500,000Bar template.png 20,000Xp template.png Train new and more powerful moves at level 15
Dragonarium 20 N/A 100,000Bar template.png 25,000 Xp template.png Store Your Dragons Here!

Dragon Roost 14 N/A N/A N/A Allow dragons to level higher

(probably 500K gold)

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