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Maze Coins

Maze Coins

Maze islands are where a group of dragons are lost and waiting for you to help them through the maze. By completing every day tasks like collecting gold and feeding dragons you unlock Maze coins. Maze coins allow you to push a dragon through the maze and belong to you! Each dragon needs a certain number of Maze coins to finish their own maze path. Some dragons need you to defeat dragons to help unlock so be careful when choosing which dragon to save! Maze Islands are a type of elemental quests.

Collecting Maze Coins[]

During a Maze event, you will be able to collect 600 Maze Coins every 8 hours. Maze coins can be collected by collecting gold, food, feeding dragons, breeding dragons or hatching dragons. You will see the Maze Coin being add every time you do an action. Those coins will stop appearing once you've collected your 600 Maze Coins. To get more coins for the Maze island you will have to wait for the next collection window.

Other than that, Maze coin might also be obtain from Quests, Dragon TV, Offers or Puzzle/Runner events.

Dragon Paths[]

Each dragon has its own path that you would need to follow to save it! Depending on the path that the amount of Maze Coins needs would change. You can use the guides to the amount needed!

Time Limited Dragons[]

Be wary that some dragons are only available for a certain time and it appear once it is available. In the guides, you would be capable of checking which dragons are available for a certain time and more information about it!

How to spend coins[]

The best way to spend coins is to spend only if you have enough coins for that Dragon path. Be sure to take in account that some dragons would need to battle first and there''s cool down between each battle!

Current Maze Event[]

See Catergory:Elemental Quests.

All Events[]

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