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Rarity Common · Rare · Very Rare · Epic · Legendary · Mythical · Heroic
Type Elemental · Hybrid · Rare Hybrid · Legend · Exclusive
Element Terra · Flame · Sea · Nature · Electric · Ice · Metal · Dark · Light · War · Pure · Legend · Beauty · Ancient · Chaos · Magic · Dream · Soul · Happy · Primal · Wind · Time


Hybrid Dragons (Hybrids) are Dragons possessing more than one Element.


To date the most number of Elements possessed by any Hybrid is 3. Additional Elements are ineffective, as Dragons have only 4 attacks, one of them being Physical.

This is the largest Category for Dragons. As of the LaW update, there are a possible 1100 (11*10*10) Hybrids, Dragons who have identical Elements (e.g., TerraFlame Flaming Rock & TerraFlame Aztec) not taken into consideration.

The first Element of a Dragon is called the Primary/Defending Element. The Primary/Defending Element determines its type (e.g., the Flaming Rock Dragon is called a Terra Hybrid) and is used for damage calculation in Battles.

The remaining Elements (Secondary Elements) of a Dragon determines what type of attacks it is capable of, and what type of attacks it can be trained in.

Hybrids may be housed in


2-Element Breedable Hybrids may be bred using

  • a pair of Elementals, one for each of the Target Hybrid's two Elements
  • a pair of Hybrids, each possessing one of the Target Hybrid's two Elements
  • a Breeding Wildcard-Elemental/Hybrid combo, possessing at least one of the Target Hybrid's Elements.

3-Element Breedable Hybrids may only be bred using a Breeding Wildcard and a Hybrid possessing one or more of the Target Hybrid's Elements.

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