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Rarity Common · Rare · Very Rare · Epic · Legendary · Mythical · Heroic
Type Elemental · Hybrid · Rare Hybrid · Legend · Exclusive
Element Terra · Flame · Sea · Nature · Electric · Ice · Metal · Dark · Light · War · Pure · Legend · Beauty · Ancient · Chaos · Magic · Dream · Soul · Happy · Primal · Wind · Time


Elemental Dragons (Elementals) are Dragons that possess only one Element and can be bought from the game Store with Gold Bar Icon.


Elementals are named after their Element, with the exception of the Light Elemental called Archangel Dragon.

In the case of Exclusives, Poseidon Dragon is not considered an Elemental as its element is an alternate for Sea. Breeding the Poseidon Dragon produces a Sea Hybrid.

As of the Light and War update on July 26, 2013, there are now 11 Elements. Legends are not Elementals. On the later updates, there are now 21 elements.

Each Element has at least one Elemental Dragon, which may be

  • bought from the Store with Gold Bar Icon, or
  • retro-bred from Hybrids or Legends.

Elementals may only be placed in


All Elementals belong to Gen I, with sub-gen b and c for HP categories 4 and 5.

Gen I Elementals: Terra, Flame, Sea, Nature, Ice, Electric, Metal and Dark Dragons.

Gen I-b Elementals: Archangel and War Dragons.

Gen I-c Elementals: Pure Dragons only.

LaW Impact

The Breeding System no longer appears to take into account the Difficulty for individual Dragons. The chance of getting a particular Hybrid from two Elementals appear to be fixed, not taking into account the Parents level or the Offsprings Difficulty.

It is unknown at this point if the Breeding Boost has any impact on Breeding Results, as it works by raising the Parents level.

The chance for breeding a Pure Elemental appears to be the highest, at approximately 90-92% for any two Pure Hybrid Parents. At the same time, the chance for getting a Pure Elemental from breeding two similar Elementals is the lowest, 100% for all other Elementals, but only 94% for Breeding two Pure Dragons.

Pure Dragons are no longer Breeding Wildcards as of the LaW update (21-July-2013) -- however, the Pures are still special cases for the Breeding System in that Breeding two Pures/Pure Hybrids produces a small chance of a Legend Offspring.

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