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Dragon Overview
Terra Dragons
Terra Terra Alpine Armadillo Aztec
Bat Brontosaurus Cactus Chameleon
Chinese Deep Forest Flaming Rock Ghost
Great White Hedgehog Jelly Mud
Paladin Plankton Poo Santa
Sky Snowflake Star Tropical
Venom Volcano Waterfall Wizard
Flame Dragons
Flame Flame Aztec Aurora Blizzard
Butterfly Chinese Cloud Cool Fire
Dark Fire Dujur Firebird Flaming Rock
Hot Metal Ice&Fire King Laser
Love Medieval Music Paradise
Pharaoh Quetzal Robot Soccer
Spicy Steampunk T-Rex Thanksgiving
Vampire Volcano Joker Ruby
Sea Dragons
Sea Sea Alien Blizzard Cloud
Coral Hydra Ice Cream Icecube
Jelly Dragon Jellyfish Lantern Fish Mars
Mercury Mud Nenufar Octopus
Petroleum Pirate Plankton Poo
Seahorse Seashell Storm Thanksgiving
Viking Waterfall
Nature Dragons
Nature Nature Butterfly Cactus Carnivore Plant
Coral Dandelion Dragonfly Firebird
Gummy Jade Mojito Nenufar
Rattlesnake Seahorse Spicy Tropical
Electric Dragons
Electric Electric Battery Chameleon Fluorescent
Gold Gummy Hot Metal Lantern Fish
Laser Moose Neon Paladin
Sky Star Storm St Patrick
Ice Dragons
Ice Ice Alpine Cool Fire Dandelion
Fluorescent Fossil Ice Cream Icecube
Mojito Moose Pearl Penguin
Platinum Snowflake Soccer
Metal Dragons
Metal Metal Armadillo Battery Dragonfly
Gold Jade King Medieval
Mercury Pearl Platinum Robot
Seashell Steampunk Zombie
Dark Dragons
Dark Dark Carnivore Plant Dark Fire Fossil
Hedgehog Neon Penguin Poo
Petroleum Pirate Rattlesnake Vampire
Venom Zombie Joker
Light Dragons
Light Archangel Justice Sun Luminsicent
Gaia Cold Star Rainbow Fallen Angel
Tiny Heart Peace
War Dragons
War War Colossal Juggernaut Leviathan
Red Woods Elfic Dragon Dark Stone Sylvan
Nightwind Panzer
Rare Hybrid Dragons
Gummy Cool Fire Soccer Armadillo
Pure Dragons
Pure Pure Pure Terra Pure Flame Pure Sea
Pure Nature Pure Electric Pure Ice Pure Metal
Pure Dark Ivory  Blue Fire
Legend Dragons
Legend Legacy Crystal Mirror Nirobi Dragon
Droconos Dragon Wind Robin Hood
Unique Dragons
Aztec Butterfly Chinese Fossil
King Paladin Robot Seahorse
Sky Two Headed Wizard Viking
Jelly Quetzal Thanksgiving Queen
Santa Ghost Plankton Bat 
Ninja Aurora Music Block
Octopus Carnival Pharaoh Music
Love Uncle Sam Evil Pumpkin Deep Forest
Granite Cerberus Demon Chainmail


  • 04 Legend a.png
    New Pure Dragon.jpg
    Did you know -- SP originally had another name for the new legend icon. They intended to release another new element named eternal. For unknown reasons they changed their mind on this. The new design for the pure dragon is proof. This was originally intended for the Eternal Dragons.

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