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Arena Tributes are dragons that have boosted damage and life points in the Deus Arena Showdown, a brand-new event in the Arenas that ran from 4 April to 16 May 2024.

Every week, 2 Legendary dragons, 2 Mythical dragons and 1 Heroic dragon are chosen as Tributes in their respective arenas.

They have an orange flame-like aura in their in-game models.

Deus Arena Showdown
There are many powerful dragons in the Dragonverse, but how many of them have what it takes to become a true champion?

Asking himself the very same question, Deus has decided to hold a brand new event… Welcome to the Deus’ Arena Showdown.

Arena Showdowns last 1 week, starting every Thursday at 12 PM CEST.

Battle in the Arenas with boosted elements and without dragon cooldowns, meaning your dragons will never get tired!

During each Arena Showdown, five chosen Tributes will have to prove their strength and bravery on the battlefield!

Their damage and life points will be boosted, and their hatching, Empower, and Recall times will be reduced. [1]

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Tributes List[]

04 April - 11 April 2024[]

Elements Boosted: Ice, Terra

11 April - 18 April 2024[]

Elements Boosted: Terra, Flame

18 April - 25 April 2024[]

Elements Boosted: Flame, Sea

25 April - 02 May 2024[]

Elements Boosted: Sea, Nature

02 May - 09 May 2024[]

Elements Boosted: Nature, Light

09 May - 16 May 2024[]

Elements Boosted: Light, Ice

16 May - 30 May 2024[]

Elements Boosted: Electric, Primal


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