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Castle Island

This event has expired on 30 Nov 2014 11:00:00 +0000.

Castle Quest

The Castle Island is a mini-game available in Dragon City on Mobile. It was offered on PC (Nov 2013) and iOS (Aug/Sep 2013). You can win the White Knight Dragon and the Black Knight Dragon.


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Level 4-6 Dragons recommended. Look up the page for your Dragons. Choose one that has an attack at Lv 4 that is critical on your opponent. For more information on how Combat works, please refer to --> Combat and Combat Quick Reference.

# Dragon Critical Avoid
1 FlameMetal Medieval TerraSea NatureIceTerraIce

2 Metal Metal ElectricDark TerraIce
3 ElectricFlame Hot Metal TerraLight SeaMetalNatureIce
4 Dark Dark LightWar MetalLight
5 DarkFlame Dark Fire LightWar MetalLightNatureIce
6 LightTerra White Knight NatureDark ElectricDarkElectricFlame
7 DarkFlame Black Knight LightWar MetalLightNatureIce


White Knight Dragon 3
White Knight Dragon
Black Knight Dragon 3
Black Knight Dragon

If you play this quest, please come here to discuss & share your experience here.


  • This Event appered at the first time on Mobile on 27 Aug 2013 and ended on 26 Sep 2013 (30 days).
  • The PC Event started on 12 Nov 2013 and ended on 19 Nov 2013 (7 days).
  • This Event came back on Mobile from 21 Nov 2013 to 19 Nov 2013 (10 days).

Castle Island PC

Castle Island Mobile

Castle Quest is the mobile version of Castle Island for iOS and Android.

Castle Quest

Major Changes

  • First Time:
    • The duration of the mobile event was 30 days.
    • The event started on 27 Aug 2013 and ended on 26 Sep 2013.
    • The amount of items needed on the mobile version was different. They were: BATTLE (10 items), FLAGS (90 items), CROWNS (90 items), MEDALLIONS (26 items), HELMETS (15 items), HIDDEN OBJECTS (20 items).
    • To get the White Knight Dragon you must collect a certain number of items (200 items).
    • To get the Black Knight Dragon you must collect all items of each type (251 total) and win all Castle Fights!
  • Second Time:
    • The duration of the event was 10 days.


  • This collect game has a similar structure and layout as Dino Island, Pirate Quest , Hallowen island and Alien Invasion quests.