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Burning Dragon m3
Name: Burning DragonHabitat: Round FlameRound DarkHabitat Lv: 2
Type: ExclusiveShop Lv: 6Shop: N/A
Hatch: 30000 Xp templateSell: 100000 Gold Bar IconBreeding: N/A
Hatching: 17 hCategory: 4Generation: EX


Burning Dragon 0 Burning Dragon 1 Burning Dragon 2 Burning Dragon 3
Egg Baby Young Adult


Stadium and Training 1
Lv Attack Base Time Train Attack Base
4 Round Physical Hard Charge 488 1 day Round Physical Hammer Fist 900
4 Round Flame Flaming Arrows 650 2 days Round Flame Magma Storm 1350
8 Round Physical Head Butt 788 2 days Round Physical Deus Sword 1125
15 Round Dark Life Drain 550 1 day Round Dark The Grim Reaper 1200

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The fire inside the Burning Dragons is not the usual fire. It's a magic dark fire with the power to consume anything in seconds, much quicker than the usual and of course way more dangerous.


  • Even though the dragon resembles the Jade Dragon serpentine figure it flies a lot differently as it does not float but it flies like a serpentine dragon.
  • Its eyes, like of the Glacial Dragon,Hydra Dragon,Dark Stone Dragon,Origami Dragon gets smaller and smaller as it matures.
  • This dragon is similar in appearance to the Jade Dragon and the Lava Dragon.
  • You can get this dragon by recruiting friends at Recruitment Tavern, Breeding in the Breeding Sanctuary  or in the Dragon Black Market.
  • It was introduced during The Dungeon event, and matches the Dungeon Reward Dragons with its Dark/Flame Elements. It may have been considered as a Reward Dragon.
  • It has no hind legs like the Photon Dragon.
  • Along with the Blue, Glacial and the Gargoyle Dragon, it is available in both, the Recruitment Tavern and the Breeding Sanctuary.
  • In the Old Recruitment Tavern it was the last Dragon, however in the new one it is the first.
  • In combat it flies in a straight position, but in the habitat it flies like a flying snake.
  • He was on the Black Friday Special on 24/11/2014.

Automated Names

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