Breeding Sanctuary

This is where the magic happens, unlock new exclusive dragon combinations each level of the sanctuary!  Put two dragons in and see what comes out!  Speedup with Gems and find out faster.


  • Require : Level 25
  • Cost : 25 Gem template.png
  • Build Time : 30 seconds
  • Upgrades will cost you gold
  • Upgrading to level 2 requires 15 'steps' of gold (amount depends on your gold storage; approx. 0.0495%) or 90 Gem template.png (6 per step).
  • Upgrading to level 3 requires 15 'steps' of gold (amount depends on your gold storage; approx. 0.05%) or 120 Gem template.png (8 per step).
  • Upgrading to level 4 requires 15 'steps' of gold (amount depends on your gold storage; approx. 0.0505%) or 180 Gem template.png (12 per step).
  • Upgrading to level 5 requires 15 'steps' of gold (amount depends on your gold storage; approx. 0.051%) or 280 Gem template.png (19 per step).
  • You may add a 'step' of gold during breeding but the last one that makes the upgrade a level up must be performed after the breeding is complete.

Breeding Information

For great info on how to breed dragons in the Sanctuary, you can visit Joseph Seeley's Dragon City Guide

Joe is a member of DCW and has a very accurate Breeding Calculator and a separate one for Sanctuary Dragons!  

Level 1

Image Dragons
Deep Red Dragon m3.jpg
FlameMetalDark Deep Red
Burning Dragon m3.jpg
FlameDark Burning
Wizard Dragon m3.jpg
TerraDark Wizard
Ninja Dragon m3.jpg
MetalNature Ninja
King Dragon m3.jpg
MetalFlame King

Level 2

Breeding Sanctuary lvl 2.png

Image Dragons
Steam Dragon m3.jpg
SeaFlameIce Steam
Quake Dragon m3.jpg
TerraSeaWar Quake
Wyvern Dragon m3.jpg
DarkFlameTerra Wyvern
Pharaoh Dragon m3.jpg
ElectricTerra Pharaoh
File:Summerfly Dragon m3.jpg
[[Summerfly Dragon|Data:Summerfly Dragon]]

Level 3

Breeding Sanctuary lvl 3.png

Image Dragons
Apocalypse Dragon m3.jpg
FlameIceLightDark Apocalypse
Magnet Dragon m3.jpg
TerraMetalElectric Magnet
Dujur Dragon m3.jpg
FlameElectricIce Dujur
Gargoyle Dragon m3.jpg
TerraIceDark Gargoyle
Brontosaurus Dragon m3.jpg
NatureTerra Brontosaurus

Level 4

Breeding Sanctuary lvl 4.png

Image Dragons
Promethium Dragon m3.jpg
LightDarkNatureElectric Promethium
Howl Dragon m3.jpg
DarkNatureElectric Howl
Glacial Dragon m3.jpg
IceElectricNature Glacial
Blue Dragon m3.jpg
SeaFlameMetal Blue
Bone Dragon m3.jpg
DarkTerra Bone

Level 5

Breeding Sanctuary lvl 5.png

Image Dragons
Abyss Dragon m3.jpg
LightDarkIceFlame Abyss
Forge Dragon m3.jpg
MetalTerraIceFlame Forge
Meteor Dragon m3.jpg
FlameTerraDark Meteor
Hades Dragon m3.jpg
SeaDark Hades
Atlas Dragon m3.jpg
SeaTerraNature Atlas

Level 6

Breeding Sanctuary lvl 6.png

Image Dragons
Supersonic Dragon m3.jpg
NatureElectricTerraMetal Supersonic
Sylvan Dragon m3.jpg
NatureWar Sylvan
Dark Elf Dragon m3.jpg
DarkIceWar Dark Elf
Toxic Dragon m3.jpg
ElectricDark Toxic
Moon Dragon m3.jpg
TerraIce Moon

Level 7

Breeding Sanctuary lvl 7.png

Image Dragons
Mirage Dragon m3.jpg
FlameIceNatureElectric Mirage
Core Dragon m3.jpg
LightPure Core
Unity Dragon m3.jpg
IceDarkSea Unity
Acoustic Dragon m3.jpg
DarkElectric Acoustic
Tribal Dragon m3.jpg
NatureTerra Tribal

Level 8

Breeding Sanctuary lvl 8.png

Image Dragons
Millennium Dragon m3.jpg
SeaWarTerraMetal Millennium
Master Dragon m3.jpg
FlameSeaWar Master
Basilisk Dragon m3.jpg
FlamePure Basilisk
Greenfluid Dragon m3.jpg
NatureSeaElectric Greenfluid
Aquamarine Dragon m3.jpg
SeaNature Aquamarine


It is the third breeding area, meaning you'll be able to breed dragons in the Breeding Mountain and Ultra Breeding Tree as well.This is a better version of the Deus Vault !

If you buy the Breeding Sanctuary, it's good to have a Hatchery which has the upgrade 3 or 4.

For more info about breeding, please visit the Breeding page.

Breeding Sanctuary2.png

Have endless fun in the new Breeding Sanctuary, a mystic place where lots of new dragons are unlocked with each building upgrade!


How to breed

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