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Breeding Time[]

The Breeding Time (time for the breeding to complete) is usually a good clue as to what the resulting dragon will be.

Understandably you will be anxious to know what dragon you will likely get. Here's how you find out:

Breeding menu for breeding reborn update

Breeding cave menu

If you select the Breeding Building right after you start the breeding process, a window will pop up asking you if you wish to speed up the process.

  • If the process is shorter than an hour, you will be getting a very basic Dragon -- Terra, Flame, Sea or something like that. You won't even have time to check the facts before your Dragon Egg is ready for transfer to the Hatchery, and you will see what the egg looks like. Since that process is so short, we won't need to bother with the following steps. :)
  • If the breeding time shows more than 50 minutes, take a look at how many gems it will cost you to speed up the process. The following chart is measured in hours, and the number of gems = the number of hours.
  • Find the correct number of hours in the table following, in the space to the right there will be a list of Dragons that have similar Breeding Time.
  • If you've completed the steps correctly, among the list will be at least one dragon that has at least one Element from each of the parents you bred.

That's it, you now have an idea of which Dragons you can possibly to get.


15 seconds Terra
30 seconds Flame, Sea and Flaming Rock
1 minute Volcano
20 minutes Nature
30 minutes Electric
2 hours Blizzard, Dark
4 hours Waterfall
5 hours Mud, Cloud and Nenufar
7 hours Metal, Cactus, Star, Spicy, Firebird, Lantern Fish, Gummy and Tropical
9 hours Platinum, Mojito, Snowflake, Moose, Venom, and Laser
12 hours Ice, Coral, Chameleon, Storm, Laser, Hot Metal, Icecube, Dandelion, Medieval, Seashell, Mercury, Gold, Hedgehog, Dark Fire, Rattlesnake, Neon, Zombie, Cool Fire, Soccer, Armadillo, Jelly, Hammer, Ivory, Joker, Block, Tiny, Pure, and all Unique Dragons
15 hours Penguin, Pirate and Poo

16 hours

Alpine, Ice Cream, Fluorescent, Steampunk, Jade, Dragonfly, Battery, Pearl, Vampire, Carnivore Plant, Petroleum,Treasure and Plankton

18 hours 


20 hours 

Exclusive Dragons

24 hours 

Justice, Sun, Luminsicent, Gaia, Photon, Rainbow, Cold Star, Fallen Angel

30 hours 


32 hours

Prisma, Ice&Fire, Two-Headed

36 hours 

Colossal, Juggernaut, Leviathan, Red Woods, Tesla, Dark Stone, Nightwind, Panzer, Elfic

44 hours


48 hours 

Pure Hybrids -- Pure Terra, Pure Sea, Pure Nature, Pure Electric, Pure Metal, Pure Ice, Pure Dark, Pure Flame, Pure Dark

50 hours

Legendary Dragons

51+ hours Heroic Dragons (only in Breeding Event Island)

User Breeding Records[]

If you have some time to spare, please use it to keep a record of the following and post it in your blog.

  • Breeding Date
  • Breeding Parent (in the left slot) & its level
  • Breeding Parent (in the right slot) & its level
  • Breeding Time
  • Result (when breeding completes)

Here is the code for the blog table, with a sample row filled up.


 |ParentLeft1=Wind Dragon
 |ParentRight1=Waterfall Dragon
 |Result1=Snowflake Dragon


This table only works for the first 10 rows. Add row 2 like so:


 |ParentLeft1=Wind Dragon
 |ParentRight1=Waterfall Dragon
 |Result1=Snowflake Dragon



Remember to fill in the blanks, use correct spelling and correct case (capitals and non-capital letters), or you will get errors.

For the third row, just change "2" to "3", and so on.

Why keep records?

  • Well, sometimes you want to breed another one. It helps if you know which parents to use, and what level they should be on.
  • Also, someone else might want to know how to breed a certain Dragon. The records will help them. Who knows, maybe someday you will be that person who needs help breeding a particular dragon.

What goes around, comes around.