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When your dragon fights in Stadium or in PvP Combat, the results are determined based on below attributes:

  • Hit Points (HP) of both dragons. See Dragon Hitpoints.
  • Levels of both dragons.
  • Ranks / Stars of your dragon. See Stars.
  • First Element of both dragon. See Elements.
  • Attacks of both dragon. See Attacks section in the Infobox of the corresponding dragon, such as the Archangel Dragon.
  • Damage of the selected Attacks.


Attacks by Base Damage[]

This chart includes all levels of attacks, but the Elemental and Legend attacks are listed only by category.

Base Damage Physical War Pure* Elemental
338 Punch
413 Flying Kick
488 Hard Charge
550 1st Tier
638 Stunning Hit Giant Crack
650 2nd Tier
750 Alt 2nd Tier (Light only)
788 Head Butt
863 Judo Kick
900 Hammer Fist
975 Giant Mouth
1050 Giant Claw 3rd Tier
1125 Deus Sword
1200 1st Trained
1350 100


2nd Trained
1500 War Fist Hypnosis,
Pure Energy,
Pure Light
1650 Astro Hit
2100 1st Legend
2300 2nd Legend
  • Note that all Pure attacks have the same base damage, regardless of whether it is trainable.

Elemental Attacks[]

This chart lists the Elemental and Legend attacks names by damage and their element.

1st Tier 2nd Tier Alt 2nd Tier 3rd Tier 1st Trained 2nd Trained 1st Trained Legend 2nd Trained Legend
Base Damage 550 650 750 1050 1200 1350 2100 2300
Terra Earthquake Meteor Shower Tumble Weed Asteroid Sand Storm
Flame Lava Balls Flaming Arrows Nuclear Hit Flamethrower Magma Storm
Sea Tsunami Flooding Storm Acid Rain Whirlpool
Nature Stitching Roots Poison Ivy Leaf Blast Rottening Spell Bee Hive
Electric Lightning Laser Beam Electric Shock Electro Ball Tesla Ray
Ice Frost Nova Ice Spikes Snow Storm Icy Wind Cryogenic Freeze
Metal Nail Rain Magneto Rust Cannon Balls Ninja Stars
Dark Life Drain Leech Ghost Cloud The Grim Reaper Black Hole
Light Light Sword Light Prism Light Star Enlightning Wisdom Out of Time
Legend Legendary Wind Paralyzing Spell Rainbow Aurora Borealis Legend Spell

DCW Damage Calculator[]

Post the following code on your wall, or your page, or your blog to see the results.

{{formatnum:{{Damage|Attack=Attack Name|Lv=Level|Category=Cat|Stars=Rank|Random=Min}}}} - {{formatnum:{{Damage|Attack=Attack Name|Lv=Level|Category=Cat|Stars=Rank|Random=Max}}}}


Attack Name = the name of the Attack, e.g. Tumble Weed
Level = the level of your Dragon, e.g. 15
Cat = your Dragon's HP category, e.g. an Armadillo Dragon is cat 4
Stars = your Dragon's Rank, e.g. one Bronze Star = 1; 3 Gold Stars = 9

For example, to calculate the attack strength of a Lv15 Armadillo with 2GS using Tumble Weed, post:

{{formatnum:{{Damage|Attack=Tumble Weed|Lv=15|Category=4|Stars=8|Random=Min}}}} - {{formatnum:{{Damage|Attack=Tumble Weed|Lv=15|Category=4|Stars=8|Random=Max}}}}

and get:

Expression error: Missing operand for +. - Expression error: Missing operand for +.


The values are not modified, i.e., double the values for Nature and Dark Hybrids; halve for Terra or Metal Hybrids.