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Ancient World Crystals are produces from Mines.They are used in summoning dragons in Summoning Wall , for examples : To Summon Swin-Jin you need :

  • 3 Pure Rubies
  • 3 Pure Sapphires
  •  2 Clean Topazes
  •  8 Clean Emeralds.

Stages[edit | edit source]

There are ten stages for every type of crystals :

Ruby[edit | edit source]

Raw Ruby
Raw Ruby.png
Clean Ruby
Clean Ruby.png
Pure Ruby
Pure Ruby.png
Fine Ruby
Fine Ruby.png
Neat Ruby
Neat Ruby.png
Bright Ruby
Bright Ruby.png
Squared Ruby
Squared Ruby.png
Carved Ruby
Carved Ruby.png
Oval Ruby
Oval Ruby.png
Perfect Ruby
Perfect Ruby.png

Sapphire[edit | edit source]

Raw Sapphire
Raw Sapphire.png
Clean Sapphire
Clean Sapphire.png
Pure Sapphire
Pure Sapphire.png
Fine Sapphire
Fine Sapphire.png
Neat Sapphire
Neat Sapphire.png
Bright Sapphire
Bright Sapphire.png
Squared Sapphire
Squared Sapphire.png
Carved Sapphire
Carved Sapphire.png
Oval Sapphire
Oval Sapphire.png
Perfect Sapphire
Perfect Sapphire.png

Topaz[edit | edit source]

Raw Topaz
Raw Topaz.png
Clean Topaz
Clean Topaz.png
Pure Topaz
Pure Topaz.png
Fine Topaz
Fine Topaz.png
Neat Topaz
Neat Topaz.png
Bright Topaz
Bright Topaz.png
Squared Topaz
Squared Topaz.png
Carved Topaz
Carved Topaz.png
Oval Topaz
Oval Topaz.png
Perfect Topaz
Perfect Topaz.png

Emerald[edit | edit source]

Raw Emerald
Raw Emerald.png
Clean Emerald
Clean Emerald.png
Pure Emerald
Pure Emerald.png
Fine Emerald
Fine Emerald.png
Neat Emerald
Neat Emerald.png
Bright Emerald
Bright Emerald.png
Squared Emerald
Squared Emerald.png
Carved Emerald
Carved Emerald.png
Oval Emerald
Oval Emerald.png
Perfect Emerald
Perfect Emerald.png

Onyx[edit | edit source]

Raw Onyx
Raw Onyx.png
Clean Onyx
Clean Onyx.png
Pure Onyx
Pure Onyx.png
Fine Onyx
Fine Onyx.png
Neat Onyx
Neat Onyx.png
Bright Onyx
Bright Onyx.png
Squared Onyx
Squared Onyx.png
Carved Onyx
Carved Onyx.png
Oval Onyx
Oval Onyx.png
Perfect Onyx
Perfect Onyx.png

Diamond[edit | edit source]

Raw Diamond
Raw Diamond.png
Clean Diamond
Clean Diamond.png
Pure Diamond
Pure Diamond.png
Fine Diamond
Fine Diamond.png
Neat Diamond
Neat Diamond.png
Bright Diamond
Bright Diamond.png
Squared Diamond
Squared Diamond.png
Carved Diamond
Carved Diamond.png
Oval Diamond
Oval Diamond.png
Perfect Diamond
Perfect Diamond.png

Crystals can be obtained from the mines, one mine for each type of raw crystal. They can be upgraded three times with the tiers of crystals going up as you upgrade, all the way to being able to obtain fine crystals. Mining takes gold and works just like growing food.

It takes 5 raw crystals to make a clean crystal, 5 clean crystals to make a pure crystal, and so on. This is done through the crafting station, and it takes platinum to fuse crystals.

Here are the total number of raw crystals required for each stage:

Raw: 1

Clean: 5

Pure: 25

Fine: 125

Neat: 625

Bright: 3125

Squared: 15625

Carved: 78125

Oval: 390625

Perfect: 1953125

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