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Elements is the main feature in Dragon City. It has an impact on most main features of the game like Breeding and Combat.

Dragons on Element[]

A dragon can contain 1 or more elements. The first element is marked as his primary element and will be used to mark additional weaknesses, resistance and immunity against incoming attacks. All other elements are marked as secondary and doesn't have an additional use outside expanding the variation in his learnset (in most cases). Below you will see an overview from the primary element defense rate: แม่แบบ:Elements/dragons

Attacks on Element[]

Every dragon can hold 4 attacks. Every attack exist out 1 element. The attack will have critical, not effective or ineffective damage to a dragon. Below you will see an overview from the attack rate against the primary element of a dragon: แม่แบบ:Elements/attacks


For breeding elements deal as:

  • Filter to result only the dragons where the dragon exist out with exeption of legend and pures.
  • Prevent some elemental dragon breeding together.






  • The elements had original an other name:
  • Earth = Terra
  • Fire = Flame
  • Water = Sea
  • Plant = Nature
  • Both ice and dark are bonus elements. Ice seem to be an hold end element with as purpose to be modificate when for example new elemental elements get add.
  • Flame & Sea are critical against each other.
  • There 2 demi restance dragons duos in the game:
  • Nature i> Sea > R
  • Metal i> Flame > R