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The Hatchery is the very first building built during the tutorial of Dragon CityThe hatchery is responsible for each egg being hatched after its individualized hatching time. As part of the tutorial the first Dragon grown and raised for each player is the Terra dragon. The game

and you can upgrade your hatchery to get even more slots. This costs gems, as described below. 


The game begins with 1 slot as said above. This can be said as the Hatchery 1.

The 2nd Hatchery upgrade costs 15 gems. It can hatch a total of 2 eggs at the same time .

The 3rd upgrade costs 30 gems. It can hatch a total of 3 eggs at the same time.

The 4th upgrade costs 60 gems. It can hach a total of 4 eggs at the same.

Note: There are only 4 upgrades for the Hatchery.

Will the incubation eggs that are hatching or waiting to be placed/sold disappear when the hatchery is upgraded the same time?

No. The eggs will remain in the same state.

If I want a certain egg does it matter which slot each dragon goes into?

No, it doesn't matter. For example breeding Flame Dragon + Terra Dragon will give same odds as Terra Dragon + Flame Dragon.


  • If you have a level 3 or 4 hatchery it is a smart idea if you combine it with the Ultra Breeding Tree together with the Breeding mountain. This could help players who want more rare dragons like the Soccer Dragon for example. Take 2 pairs that could possibly get a Soccer Dragon and you will have a higher chance of getting it.